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Price: $129.99

$270!! Wow! That is how much a new Sabian 20" Medium Crash will set you back! 

And I doubt it'll sound as GREAT as THIS ONE!!! 

THIS ONE IS A BEAST!! SUPER FULL SOUNDING WITH A PINCH OF DARKNESS! IT PROJECTS SUPERBLY! These 20s" were harder to find even back when they were made, and this one belonged to an endorser! 

And you don't have to settle for some beat-ass XSR or Paiste PST or ZBT, none of that crap!

Posted for your immense pleasure is this massive sounding, Sabian AA BRILLIANT FINISH 20" Medium Crash that is in EXCELLENT Condition. Check out the pictures! I thrilled to report that there are


nicks, cracks, dents, or dings on this Sabian. It's in great shape with a lovely patina that has begun to form and typical use.

Sabian describes this cymbal as:

"Aggressive attack is full, loud and very effective in high-volume playing."

And that is accurate! Except that THIS Sabian has a pinch of darkness to it, just a pinch, and it also has the shimmer of a Brilliant Finish, which is my favorite.

Weighing in at a wonderful 2374 grams, this Sabian plays like a TERRIFIC, FULL sounding, Medium Crash. It combines the semi-dark, responsive tone of an AA with the cut of a medium cymbal giving it the perfect blend of musicality and tone mixed with projection. 

VERY FULL. With massive projection! It unleashes a wall of white noise when you lay into it!

Medium dark. Very full. Medium long sustain. Glassy brilliant finish. Fantastic projection. Cutting attack! 

That is this earlier SABIAN! 

This Sabian AA Brilliant Finish 20" Medium Crash is a real workhorse cymbal. It's perfect for rock, funk, pop, fusion, punk, gospel, R&B, big blues, soul, classic rock, session work and definitely LIVE situations. It cuts and still remains musical!


THIS ONE SOUNDS AMAZING! Massive!! And it's HALF the price! 

So do yourself a favor and grab this 2374 gram, Earlier Sabian AA Brilliant 20" Medium Crash Cymbal.

It's a really nice one!

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