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Price: $99.99

$200!! Wow. That is how much a new Sabian AA 16" El Sabor Cymbal will set you back. And hardly anyone actually HAS one of these actually in stock!  

Fortunately NO ONE NEED SPEND ALL THAT MONEY!  And you don't have to sacrifice tone either! 

I happen to have right here and offered up for your immense delight this Gorgeous sounding Top of the Line VERY MELLOW and DARK sounding Sabian AA 16" EL SABOR CRASH that is in EXCELLENT Condition. Check out the pictures! I am happy to report that there are


nicks, cracks, dents or dings on this El Sabor.  It's in GREAT SHAPE with a a light patina starting to form.

And this is the model with the RAW BELL--great for light riding on.  

Sabian describes this cymbal as:

"Fast response with solid bell for clavé. Playable by hand or stick."

And check out the edge---FLANGED UPWARDS---like a Sabian SOUND CONTROL.

Again this beauty is dark and low pitched.  

Weighing in at a lovely 928 grams, this EL SABOR plays like a great DARK Thin Crash. This is definitely one of the more interesting Sabian Crashes in the catalogue---the tone is semi-dark to dark, and the overall vibe is melllloo0000OOOOooo000ooow....compliments of the Sound Control-ish flanged edge. It opens up quickly. This cymbal has a very nice wash and spread to it, but it is also slightly controlled too. It's very much like a Sound Control. Dark, mellow, warm and it opens up quickly. It almost sounds like it's been EQed--slightly clean and controlled. 

While Sabian labels this cymbal a "Crash" you definitely CAN ride on this cymbal--especially on the RAW and unlathed bell. Obviously KILLER for "the latin thing" or anytime you need a nice, strong bell. When you ride on the plain of the cymbal you get a surprisingly well-defined chime-like stick attack.

And as promised, this cymbal is responsive enough for hand percussion---this cymbal opens up quickly.

You could easily add rivets for a perfect sounding responsive Left Side Crash Ride Sizzle.

Obviously this Sabian AA El Sabor 16" Crash is a perfect choice for jazz, blues, ballads, folk, trio work, soul, LATIN and world music, and hand percussion. However the fun doesn't stop there. Its great alternate Crash/Ride semi-dark vibe and solid bell will be a welcomed addition to any funk, fusion, pop, country, gospel, R&B or rock outfit. And the cleaner, controlled vibe will be PERFECT for the studio.It's a versatile cymbal!!

$200??!!?? There's NO NEED! This one sound AMAZING! Guaranteed! Mellow and dark!! 

So do yourself a favor and grab this Top of the Line MELLOW 928 gram Sabian AA EL SABOR 16" Crash.

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