Price: $149.99

$415.00!! That is how much a new Sabian HH Leopard Ride will set you back. And that's the Guaranteed Lowest price too! The HORROR!

And that NEW ONE will NOT have the DRY FOCUS that this EARLIER HH Has. Check out the handiwork! RAW and sparse!! 

I happen to have right here and offered up for your immense pleasure this EARLIER Sabian HH (Hand Hammered) 20" LEOPARD RIDE that is in EXCELLENT CONDITION. Check out the pictures! I am happy to report that there are


nicks or cracks on this Earlier HH.  It's in GREAT SHAPE with a light patina that has befriended it. As you can see the top logos have been wiped away giving this 20" a vintage-vibe.  Even though there is no designation stamp, there is no question about which cymbal this is. That hammering, unlathed surface and weight is a dead give away, Leopard Ride all-day!

Sabian describes this cymbal as:

"Heavily hammered, unlathed model delivers dark, penetrating stick response with extra-strong definition."

And that's accurate. This is perhaps my FAVORITE SABIAN Ride Cymbal. Incredibly versatile. Amazing bell. Fantastic definition.....and DARK and low in pitch.

 This Leopard Ride debuted right around the time of the Original K CUSTOM. The Dave Weckl one. Sabian and Zildjian were going toe-to-toe to answer the demands of rock and fusion style drummers!

Weighing in at a healthy 3032 grams, this robust HH 20" plays like a DRY Heavy DARK Ride. However it does not just clang it's way through life. It is an Earlier HH after all, and HHs are Sabian's Flagship Series.

The bell on this Beast is EXTREMELY Solid and slices through guitar players with ease, all the while maintaining the etiquette of an HH. As you migrate down to the plain of this Leopard Ride, you get a fantastic stick definition that remains focused. The dark, organic wash rumbles underneath--but ONLY for a second. It never occludes the initial stick attack. This Leopard Ride is DRY. Attack on top with subtle body underneath. That's the beauty of this 20" HH. And it projects extremely well, but it is STILL controlled at lower volumes.

Surprsingly DARK and LOW in pith for a cymbal with such a great stick attack! 

You can use this Top of the Line Sabian Hand Hammered 20" Leopard Ride on whatever the hell you want. Its supreme projection and penchant for impaling guitarists makes it a lovely choice for rock, classic rock, pop, punk and heavier styles, however, its application is not limited to brutish fun. Its dry tone, strong stick attack and darker leanings make it perfect for funk, fusion, definitely blues and swing, jazz, R&B, hip-hop, and session work.



THIS ONE is in EXCELLENT Condition!! And it's AGED at least 25 years!! It's dark and very focused!! 

So do yourself a favor and  grab this Earlier Sabian HH 20" LEOPARD Ride. And hang onto it.

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