Price: $299.99


That is how much a new pair of Sabian HHX Dave Weckl Evolution Hihats will set you back. 

Damn!!!!!!! $465???!!!! On Sale!! 

However just because they COST $465 doesn't mean you have to SPEND $465. FAR FROM IT in fact. 

And you NEED NOT SACRIFICE TONE NOR CONDITION!!!  HELL these beauties are from 2019!!! 

Fresh off the cookie sheet! 

And this particular pair has a pinch of COMPLEXITY to them - they cut quite well too! 

I can see you now, "Wow Gerry, what do you mean? How does all this work? Will my mother find out?? 

I'm glad you asked...

I happen to have right here and offered up for your immense pleasure, this pair of 2019 exceptionally CRISP and CLEAN LOOKING AND SOUNDING, Semi-Dark  with a bit of complexity, Flagship Sabian HHX Evolution Dave Weckl Signature Series 14" Hihats that are in AMAZINGLY CLEAN Condition. Check out the pictures! I am thrilled to report that there are 


nicks, cracks, dents, or dings on these Evolutions. As you can see these HHXs LOOK NEW!! They're in PERFECT SHINY 2019 SHAPE! 

Sabian describes these hihats as:

"Bright and crisp pairing with open-sound top and tight, heavy bottom for boosted Tone Projection."


 And that is accurate! This particular pair VERY CRISP sounding, with a hint of darkness and a bit of complexity! 

With a lighter weight of 946 grams for the Top Cymbal and 1386 grams for the Bottom cymbal, these Sabians capitalize on the classic New Beat Thin Top/Heavy Bottom philosophy. As a matter of fact, these Evolutions remind me a bit of early Zildjian New Beat Hihats. Except as you have see, these HHXs are much more heavily hammered than the New Beats and have a slightly more COMPLEX tone, classic HHX tone. And Brilliant Finish too for a little darker shimmer! 

 Again, this pair cuts quite well for medium dark sounding hihats. 

The result is a pair of hihats that are wonderfully well-balanced. The tone of these Evolutions is not too bright, and not too dark. The thinner top cymbal yields a responsive, medium tone (not too bright and not too dark) while the heavier bottom cymbal lends plenty of CHICK and projection to the pair. 

Like DARKER, more musical and complex New Beats with the shimmer of a Brilliant Finish

Obviously you can use these 2019 Sabian HHX Dave Weckl Evolution 14" Hihats on whatever your heart's desire. Rock, pop, country, funk, jazz, fusion, reggae, blues, session work--these hats are extremely well balanced. They're workhorse cymbals.

$465??? There is simply NO NEED!!! And you don't have to sacrifice tone or condition either! 

THIS pair is as FRESH AS TOMORROW!! From 2019!! 

Do yourself a favor and GRAB this pair of Flagship 946 and 1386 gram Hand Hammered Sabian HHX Evolution Dave Weckl Signature 14" Hihats.

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