Price: $119.99


That is how much a new pair of Sabian AA Regular Hats will set you back. And that's the Guaranteed Lowest Price too! Damn! 

Zildjian New Beats....those are even MORE expensive at $370!!

And as you may know, these Sabian Regular Hats ARE SABIAN'S ANSWER TO ZILDJIAN NEW BEATS!!  

And have been for 40 years! 

Why pay MORE money for some beat-ass sounding Paiste PST? Don't suffer through awful-sounding Sabin B8X Hihats. 

Playing those things is like getting a toothache - it hurts every time you touch it!! 

I happen to have right here and offered up for your immense pleasure, this truly wonderful sounding pair of Top of the Line Sabian AA 14" Regular Hats Hihats that are in EXCELLENT Condition. Check out the pictures!! I am thrilled to report that there are


cracks, nicks, dents, or dings on these Hats, they're in GREAT shape with a nice patina that has befriended them!!

 Classic New Beat Vibe all day. CRISP and simple and PERFECT for everything! 


You can still see the "AA REGULAR HATS" logo prominently.

Weighing in at a lovely 1043 grams for the Top Cymbal and 1428 grams for the Bottom Cymbal, these Regular Hats play like terrific Medium Thin Hihats. The Top cymbal has a great semi-bright tone but it's still a little bit thinner, so it provides a good response and musicality to the pair. It's not too bold or harsh sounding or grating like some brighter hihats can be. And the bottom cymbal is Medium-Heavy in weight and ensures a solid CHICK tone when playing with your foot--a la the New Beat philosophy. You can dig into these 14s" and it FEELS good. They're perfect for medium soft to loud volumes. 

Semi-bright. Extremely well balanced with a pinch of shimmer! Clean, focused tone. Fantastic CHICK! Wonderfully versatile with a great dynamic range! 

THAT is the vibe of these Top of the Line Sabians. 

You can use these Top of the Line Sabian AA 14" Regular Hats for absolutely anything. They're workhorse cymbals. Their Semi-Bright tone is perfect for rock, pop, country, reggae, funk, fusion, gospel and R&B, and they're warmer vibe and great response is welcomed in blues, big band, swing and soul. Use them anytime you need a great well-balanced Sabian tone that is semi-bright and also responsive and musical.

$315?? $369.99 for the New Beats? CRAPPY Paiste PST7s cost $180! 

THIS pair is in EXCELLENT Condition. And they sound damn good too! Guaranteed!!! 

So do yourself a favor and grab these Top of the Line 1043 and 1428 gram CRISP Sabian AA 14" Regular Hats.

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