Vintage Early SABIAN AA 18" Heavy Ride 2319 Gs STRONG CHIME-LIKE ATTACK!

Price: $99.99

Here's an OLD SCHOOL Vintage Sabian 18" Heavy from waaaaaaaaaaaaaay back in the early days when Sabian HAD TO prove themselves to be heard over the din of their established competitors?! 

This 18" has a super heavy CHIME-LIKE stick attack and a fantastic bell - especially for an 18"! 

Don't spend $200 on some Sabian XRS Garbage intermediate Rock Ride! 

This AA is TERRIFIC and cuts superbly! 

Many of Sabian's finest cymbals come from the early 80s because being the new kid on the block, they had to deliver sonically superior cymbals to be taken seriously. And this beautiful 18" is from those hallowed years. 

Check out the pictures! Old School AA with the SABIAN Made in Canada Stamp. The ink has been wiped clean by Father Time but at 2319 grams this 18" plays like a Classic AA HEAVY RIDE! I am happy to report that there are


nicks, cracks, dents, or dings on this 30+ year old AA, it's in great condition!!!!

As many of you may know, when the famous Zildjian K factory closed in Turkey in the 70s, several of the Turkish cymbalsmiths moved to the Canadian Zildjian factory-where they continued to work for Zildjian (a la Canadian Ks etc.)  When the Zildjian bros had a hissy fit and split, Bob Zildjian took control of the Canadian factory and in 1981, Sabian was born.


Weighing in at a robust 2319 grams, this Early AA plays like a an actual Heavy Ride. Imagine that!! 

The stick attack on this 18" is fantastic--EXTREMELY strong and chime-like and the wash is controlled.  The bell is SOLID and this Beastly 18" PROJECTS wonderfully. 

Being an 18" it offers a more tighter, controlled tone than a larger cymbal would.


Chime like attack. Fairly low pitched with a pinch of darkness. TIGHT, controlled, great articulation and definition. SOLID bell. 

That is this Vintage 18"! 

You can use this Early Sabian 18" Heavy Ride on absolutely anything. If you're a rock, pop, funk, or fusion player and you dig strong projection and definition with a solid bell, than this Sabian is for you. Particularly well suited for BLUES and LIVE situations!! 

$200 for some beat-ass beginner cymbal??

Why buy a new Sabian when you can have one of their ORIGINAL cymbals from when they were just a fledgling company trying to take on BIG BROTHER? LITERALLY!

So do yourself a favor and grab this 2319 gram EARLY Sabian AA 18" Heavy Ride.

These Early Sabians define an era.


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