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Check out this ULTRA RARE VINTAGE 24"!!!! From the EARLY DAYS at Sabian, I have NEVER seen another 24" like this! 


Imagine a Sabian PARAGON Ride, but darker, 2 FEET and aged 40 YEARS!  

Sabian makes nothing like this beauty today. 

Offered up for your immense delight is this damn near impossible to find, Vintage Sabian AA 24", Yes, 24" Ride that is in EXCELLENT Condition. Check out the pictures! I am happy to report that there are


nicks, cracks, dents or dings on this 2 FOOT SASQUATCH. It's in incredible shape with a 4 decade old patina that has befriended it. 

As many of you may know, back in the day, Sabian experimented at creating many different types of cymbals. They have always been at the vanguard of new cymbals and sounds. I have frequently thought that one of the reasons they were so experimental when they first launched was because they were trying to distance themselves from the status quo of Big Brother Zildjian. Remember the Tri-Hat, the Rocktagon, Thundersheet, Duo Ride (decades before Zildjian's Hybrid series), the El Sabor Series, the totally flat EQ Hats, the 30" Rides all the way up to the more modern Ozone Crash. And experimenting is still the bedrock of their cymbal making philosophy today.

This Massive 24" comes from those earlier days when Sabian was pinpoint focused on getting recognized and respected.

Weighing in at a robust 3466 grams, this Vintage 24" plays like one of the BEST DARK PING Rides I have ever heard. One of the reasons I really dig this specific 24" is because there are NO harsh overtones, which are the bane of modern Ping, Bright, and Rock Rides. This cymbal is smoother than that, but still has an aggressive attack. It's the perfect combination. 

As promised, the weight on this 24" is Medium Heavy. It delivers an extremely strong and precise stick attack that cuts supremely. And this 24" does not sound like the HH Medium Heavy, it's not as chime-like, it's a LOW PITCHED PING as opposed to the HH's more "PONG" tone. This 24" is more aggressive than the HH, but it is still fairly dark and definitely low pitched. The HH is more mellow where this cymbal is more direct, focused and has a stronger attack and projection.  

The 6" bell is solid and cuts extremely well. Right below the bell, you get a great focused Vintage PING tone, compliments of the heavier weight. As you migrate towards the plain, the cymbal starts to breathe a bit but still remains focused. And when you finally reach the last inch of this 2 Foot Sabian, you have a MASSIVE Crash/Ride that is perfect for that WALL of white noise. The pitch is medium low and it has a terrific dynamic range. It's quite capable in louder settings.

You can use this Massive Vintage Sabian 24" for whatever your heart's desire. It's solid bell, great stick articulation and strong projection are amazing for rock, classic rock, funk, fusion, definitely big band where you need to drive those horns, country, pop, punk, and heavier styles, and its darker leanings and focused tone is terrific for big blues and even jazz. And it's obviously an excellent choice for live situations. 

Why settle for a big box store, stiff and humdrum 22" when you can actually play something unique from Sabian's FIRST YEARS?

Do yourself a favor and grab this VERY RARE Vintage Sabian  24" Medium Heavy Ride. And hang onto it. It's a kickass cymbal that hardly anyone has. 

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