CLEAN BRILLIANT SABIAN PARAGON Neil Peart Signature 22" Ride! 3906 Gs

Price: $269.99



NO NEED to spend full pop on one of these gorgeous 22s" for a GUESS at what it sounds like! 

And a lot of big box stores just drop ship these Brilliant Paragons, they don't even actually have them in stock! 


I happen to have right here and offered up for your pleasure this VERY CLEAN, BRILLIANT FINISH SABIAN PARAGON Neil Peart Signature Series 22" Ride cymbal that is in absolutely FANTASTIC Condition. Check out the pictures! There are


nicks, cracks, dents, or dings, on this Canadian wonder. It's in lovely condition with a light patina/swirl/stick marks just starting to build up.  

As you can see, this 22" is overall VERY CLEAN!!! 

As many of you may know, the Peart Paragon Series is a wonderful bastard child of the AA and the AAX...with a Hand Hammered bell. The top is finely lathed like an AAX, however the bottom is lathed like a Traditional AA. And hell, that bell IS heavily hammered (check out the closeups.) The result is an unbelievably well-balanced cymbal for medium to loud settings. 

Sabian says this about the 22" Paragon:

"Extra-heavy model (8+ lbs!) with solid hand hammered bell, this model puts out robust, clear-cutting stick definition with a balanced blend of tone."

 There you have it.

This particular Paragon definitely has all of the DARK SHIMMER you'd expect from a BRILLIANT FINISH!!!

Weighing in at a hefty 3906 grams this BRILLIANT FINISH Peart Paragon 22" Ride cymbal plays like a Medium-Heavy to Heavy Ride. The Hammered Bell measures a FAT 6" across and supplies a piercing "DING" reminiscent of the Exit Stage Left "Xanadu" track. As you work your way down to the plain of this 22", it starts to open up and the wash dances around underneath the initial stick hit. The definition REMAINS prominent. Again, this is a fairly dry 22" with an aggressive attack. What I especially dig about this Paragon Peart Ride is that it has the power and projection that you would expect from a brighter/heavier cymbal, however the tone has some darker leanings, which makes it a very interesting cymbal. 

DARK SHIMMER with a strong, semi-dry and articulate projection. And that's not an easy combination to find.

Obviously this Sabian Paragon Peart Signature Series 22" Ride is PERFECT for Rock, Classic Rock, 2112 Tributes, progressive, funk, fusion, country, big blues, punk, and ANYTIME you need a well-balanced BIG 22" Ride that will Project and not blind the audience sonically.

THIS 22" is in FANTASTIC  Condition! And sounds great too-great attack and a pinch dry.

So do yourself a favor and grab this terrific sounding, CLEAN, BRILLIANT FINISH 3906 gram Neil Peart Signature Sabian Paragon 22" Ride.


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