GORGEOUS Hard to Find DRY UFIP ROUGH 20" Ride 2910 G WHY PAY $410 CLEAN

Price: $189.99

A UFIP Ride isn't cheap, these things retail for around $410.  That is, if you can find one. 


You're not gonna waltz into Guitar Center and walk out the door with something head turning and unique like this UFIP Ride.  


I'm not even sure the ROUGH Ride is even MADE anymore! 


But because I care...you can get one of these CLEAN Condition, elusive, top of the line beauties for the price of some bogus-ass "intermediate" style cymbal. Literally for the price of a Paiste PST7 pile of crap! 

Offered up for your immense delight this Top of the Line and definitely Hard to Find, MADE IN ITALY UFIP ROUGH Series 20" Ride that is in FANTASTIC Condition. Check out the pictures! There are


nicks, cracks, dents, or dings on this Italian Beauty.  It's in GREAT SHAPE with a light patina starting to form! As you can see this beauty is VERY Clean with a STUNNING rounded over bell!

The craftmanship is gorgeous! 

Lightly lathed and heavily hammered, this Italian 20" has a great DRY Attack with a slightly complex but very controlled wash!  MOLTO BENE!!

Weighing in at a lovely 2910 grams this UFIP plays like a Medium Dark, Dry, Medium to Medium-Heavy Ride.  Overall this 20" has a Dry, fairly FOCUSED vibe, with a VERY SOLID bell that projects when needed!  

The pitch is surprisingly LOW and the overall VIBE is pretty DARK! 

This Rough Ride sounds absolutely fantastic. The tone is dry, but not dead. The stick attack is prominent and is followed by a gorgeous, controlled, organic wash that has a hint of complexity to it. Think Jack Dejohnette Encore Ride...but with a more defined attack and a stronger projection. The bell is VERY strong.

Fairly dry stick attack followed by a slightly complex and organic wash that remains controlled. Medium Low in pitch with an overall dark timbre and earthy vibe.  The wash is medium fast, compliments of the unlathed surface and the projection is solid with a HUGE bell. 

There you go!!

Obviously this Ufip Rough Series 20" Ride is perfect for jazz and definitely blues, however the fun doesn't stop there. Its dark, focused dry tone will be a welcomed edition to any funk, fusion, country, and certainly pop or rock rigs-especially if you already have a bright or crash ride or if you just want something unique! 

There's no need to search the world over and then pay $410 for a new UFIP cymbal! And make no mistake, this 20" will go toe to toe against ANY nearly $470 Zildjian K Custom or K Custom Medium Ridecymbalholics all know that!

And this Rough Series 20" is in AMAZING Condition and you hardly EVER see them in the wild.

So do yourself a favor and grab this Top of the Line Made in Italy, hard to find, Dry and Focused, DARK sounding UFIP Rough Series 20" Ride. It's a great sounding cymbal.


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