GINORMOUS DRY Vintage 1970s Zildjian 22" PING Ride EX COND! 3256 Gs

Price: $179.99

$284.95!! That's how much a new Zildjian 20" Ping Ride will set you back! And that's the Guaranteed Lowest Price too!! 

$285 for the puny 20"?


Now check out this 40+ year old 22"!!

The 22" is ALWAYS a great choice on Ping Rides because it is a bit lower in pitch and darker but STILL CUTS! The bells always sound better too!

And the 22" was on TONS of great records! Neil Peart and Stewart Copeland for starters.  Stewart Copeland famously used a Vintage 22" like this beauty! 

Posted for your immense pleasure is this Vintage 1970s Zildjian 22" Ping Ride that is in EXCELLENT Condition. Check out the pictures. I am happy to report that there are


Nicks, Cracks, Dents, or Dings on this 22" gem  It's in GREAT SHAPE with a wonderful patina that has blanketed it, which helps dry it out beautifully, and a bit of centerhole wear.

This Zildjian dates back to the 70s. It does not say "Ping" on the cymbal, but it PLAYS just like a PING Ride and the weight is PING appropriate too! 

Weighing in at a rock-friendly 3256 Grams, this 22" has a Medium to Medium-Heavy constitution. The attack is aggressive and remarkably PING-Y! The tone is Medium Bright, a pinch DRY, and Focused with that 70s semi-full wash when you really lay into it. The pitch is medium-being the larger 22" it's nice because it's not too high pitched and brash sounding. The sustain is well balanced, not too long, and the overall vibe it fairly focused. The bell is solid and cuts extremely well - like a Rock Ride.

Classic Vintage Zildjian 22" 70s PING tone!!! On thousands of records. 

This Vintage 70s Zildjian 22" Ping Ride is a no brainer for rock, definitely classic rock, pop, big blues, punk, funk, fusion, country, heavier playing, and anytime you need a great Bright, Focused, semi-full wash Vintage Zildjian 70s cutting tone.

$284.95?  For a modern 20"? Seriously?????

I've always preferred the 22". It's less harsh, lower in pitch, stronger bell, and has a generous playing field.

And this particular one is DRY!! It delivers a fantastic attack!!

So do yourself a favor and grab this HUGE 3256 gram Vintage 1970s Zildjian 22" PING Ride.

And you'll even save $$ in the process.

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