FULL PERFECT CLASSIC ROCK Vintage 1960s Zildjian 22" Ride EXCD 3030 G

Price: $214.99


1960s! If you dig that decade for music well then get THE SOURCE!!

And this 22" is from the Early to Mid 60s! It's FULL and glowing warm! The craftsmanship on this one is gorgeous too. Check out the super fine lathing on the underside and edge! 

The new Zildjian "REDESIGNED" A Medium Ride costs $350!! 

Get the 5 decade old ORIGINAL instead! This is the tone that made Zildjian famous! And actually SAVE MONEY! 

Posted for your immense pleasure is this CLASSIC SOUNDING Vintage 1960s Zildjian 22" Ride that is in Excellent Condition! Check out the pictures. I am happy to report that there are


Nicks, cracks, dings, or dents on this 50+ year old gem, it's in GREAT SHAPE with a nice patina that has grown!

This Zildjian dates back to the Early to Mid 1960s and it PROJECTS exceptionally well! It hails from the era when Zildjian just started to make cymbals that could be heard over the din of blistering rock guitars!

Early Classic rock tone for days! AND with a bit of that 60s complexity to it too! The kind that gives those old Zildjians a bit of FULLNESS.

Weighing in at a terrific 3030 grams, this 22" has a Medium constitution and is very Balanced. The attack is aggressive but does not eclipse the ensuing wash, the tone is semi-bright but still smooth! The sustain is well balanced, not too long, and the overall vibe is glowing warm and full.

The bell is solid and cuts extremely well.

Classic Vintage Zildjian 60s BALANCED ATTACK AND CLEAN tone!!! TURN ON THE RADIO!! THAT'S PROBABLY THIS CYMBAL! This cymbal is the PERFECT 60s Rock or Blues 22". 

This Vintage 60s Zildjian 22" Ride is a no brainer for rock, definitely classic rock, pop, big blues, punk, funk, fusion, country, heavier playing, and anytime you need a great SEMI-BRIGHT, smooth and warm 22", but with a nice complex Vintage Zildjian 60s cutting tone.

And Zildjian just doesn't make 'em like this no more!

For $460 they're tell you they do....but it' just not the same!

GET THE ORIGINAL!!!! And this cymbal is in great shape and it's a hard to find 22'!! 

So do yourself a favor and grab this HUGE Vintage early 1960s CLASSIC Zildjian 22" Ride.

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