Price: $219.99

$319.95!!! That is how much a new Zildjian Sweet Ride will set you back.

Fortunately there's NO NEED TO SPEND $320 to get a great sounding 21"!!

This particular Sweet Ride is VERY MELLOW and has a hint of complexity to it!, and it's in great shape! SUPER CLEAN!! 

Offered up for your immense delight is this REDESIGNED, SMOOTH sounding and semi-complex for the series, Zildjian 21" Sweet Ride that is in absolutely STUNNING Condition. Check out the pictures! I am thrilled to report that there are


nicks, cracks, dents or dings on this 21".  It's in GREAT SHAPE with only the lightest signs of use!

This 21" basically looks BRAND NEW! It has a few stick marks from the sound file I've recorded! 

As you may know, the Sweet Ride was originally designed with Travis Barker...but I won't bring that up again...

Weighing in at a pleasant 2514 grams this Sweet Ride plays like a Thin to Medium Thin semi-complex Ride.  And what's great about this specific 21" is that the bell projects well AND you get a rockin' open white noise crash/ride tone when you open up on the edge of this cymbal.

Light, airy, terrific MELLOW stick attack that plays off the top of the cymbal and floats away, warm, controlled wash that still yields a nice complexity. DEFINITELY CRASHABLE!

THAT is this particular 2514 gram 21" Sweet Ride!

You can use this Zildjian Sweet Ride for absolutely ANY style of music. It is meant to be a light ride or crashable ride, thinner crash ride option. And that is EXACTLY how it functions.

Zildjian hit a home run with this particular 21"!

There's NO NEED to spend $320 on a new one of these that won't sound as good as this exceptionally smooth one anyway!


So do yourself a favor and grab this wonderfully versatile, mellow, 2514 gram Zildjian 21" Sweet Ride.

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