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Weighing in at a THIN 1970 grams this Istanbul K plays like a great, well balanced Vintage Thin to Medium Thin 50 year old Turkish Zildjian Ride. The stick definition is prominent and stays on top - compliments of that great patina, and the overtones underneath are complex and semi-dark, not excessively dark or trashy...it's well balanced-one foot in bright, one foot in dark. Of course you have that amazing spread of Old Turkish K, overtones swimming underneath.

Well...you might want to Bookmark this one too...ONLY 1970 grams!! THAT'S PRETTY THIN for an ISTANBUL Zildian 20"!! 

Offered up for your immense delight is this Real Deal, THIN Vintage Zildjian Handmade in Turkey Istanbul K 20" Ride cymbal that is in remarkably GREAT Condition. Check out the pictures! Incredibly there are


nicks, cracks, dings, or dents on this Turkish Gem. It's in GREAT SHAPE with a very nice patina that has befriended it! It's in really nice condition for a cymbal that has survived 50+ years and at least 2 continents.

Dark, slightly DRY, but STILL THIN ENOUGH TO BE COMPLEX!! That's this 20"!!  

The bell measures 5" and is strong. The overall pitch of this 20" Istanbul K is Medium to Medium-Low, there is a spread of both high and low overtones, with a subtle smokey, fairly complex vibe underneath. And like many of the Old Hand Hammered Zildjian Ks, you get a different tone depending on WHERE you hit the cymbal. Classic hand Hammered Istanbul K!

This is a PERFECT straight up ride! Slightly DRY but still with all that famous Hand Hammered Turkish Istanbul K Zildjian magic. 

The beauty of the Istanbul Ks is that they are unique. Not only do they not sound like modern cymbals, each Istanbul K sounds different than every OTHER Istanbul K. You can use this cymbal on whatever the hell you want. Because it ain't gonna' sound like anything else you own.

AND this K is in TERRIFIC condition!! It's a great looking, aged cymbal with beautiful wavy hand hammered surface! 

So do yourself a favor and invest in this REAL DEAL THIN Vintage 1970 gram Zildjian Turkish 20" ISTANBUL K. 

Use it on your next gig or store it in the closet and watch it appreciate. Because it sure as hell will. And keep it in great condition!! It's not easy to find and Istanbul K under 2000 grams!!

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