CLEAN IN BAG DARK DRY ZILDJIAN K Constantinople 20" Medium Ride 2066g

Price: $374.99
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Here's A great SOUNDING K CONS.....


That is how much a new Zildjian K Constantinople 20" Medium Ride cymbal will set you back. And that's the Guaranteed Lowest Price too.

And it probably won't sound as nice as THIS one!!

As far as the Mediums go this particular one IS VERY DARK, and a pinch dry-which is quite nice if you dig stick attack.

Posted for your immense delight is this Flagship Zildjian K Constantinople 20" Medium Ride Cymbal that is in AMAZING Condition and IN THE ZILDJIAN BAG. Check out the pictures! Remarkably there are


nicks, dents, dings, cracks on this gorgeous K Cons. It's LOOKS BRAND NEW!!

Check out the Armand Signature on the underside.  

And this K Cons is from 2018!! It doesn't get much newer newer than that!

Weighing in at a perfect 2066 grams, this K Constantinople plays like a great DARK sounding Medium Thin or Medium Ride. This cymbal has a great attack and the wash is nicely controlled and rumbles underneath the stick definition. The wash does not eclipse the attack.

As I mentioned before this particular K Cons is just a pinch drier, lower pitched, and definitely DARKER than most other Mediums I've encountered.

The bell is semi-integrated and yields a solid med-low Ping when played-perfect for the latin thing.

A perfect candidate for rivets if you're so inclined. And definitely crashable when riding.

Obviously this 2018 Zildjian 2066 gram K Constantinople 20" is a no brainer for jazz, blues, jump n' jive boogie, trio work, ballads, and swing. But the fun doesn't stop there. Its balanced stick attack and drier organic tone make it sing in soul, funk, fusion, R&B, folk, singer/songwriter acoustic gigs, session work and even mellow rock and pop. And if you have a lot of bright or full cymbals, pick this 20" Mellow Medium up to round out your arsenal of sounds.


THIS K CONS 20" SOUNDS KILLER!! Very balanced with a terrific stick attack.


So do yourself a favor and grab this 2018 2066 gram, DARK and fairly DRY sounding Zildjian K Constantinople 20" Medium Ride.

And hang onto it and keep it in great condition.

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