Price: $219.99


That is how much a new pair of Zildjian A Custom 15" REZO Hihats would set you back.

But, of course, Zildjian NO LONGER MAKES the A Custom Rezo Hihats!!

And even when they did make the Rezos the 15"s were almost IMPOSSIBLE TO FIND!!!

But being a cymbal freak, I would just feel like a two-bit CHUMP if I didn't have 15" Rezo Hats! And I feel like such a chump in the rest of my life at least I can fall back on THIS!

And so it is with pride and vigor and a spiritual saving grace that I am thrilled to offer for your immense pleasure, this terrific sounding pair of Top of the Line, DISCONTINUED, HUGE Zildjian A Custom 15" REZO Hihats that are in EXCELLENT Condition. Check out the pictures! I am thrilled to report that there are


nicks, cracks, dents, or dings on these BIG 15"s. They're in GREAT shape with a very nice patina starting to form that dries these 15s" out a pinch!!

And dig the alternate thin/thick lathing pattern.  And those factory cut notches in the bottom cymbal... Like the K/K Custom Original Combo Hats of yore!

These 15" REZOs are as close as Zildjian gets to PAISTE CUSTOM METAL HIHATS! THAT is the VIBE!  SUPER CRISP, SURPRISINGLY DARK, and CUTTING! 

Zildjian described these hihats as:

"The new 15-inch A Custom Rezo HiHats possess a new bell design that produces extra volume when needed with its medium top and medium-heavy bottom weight while still producing the warm blend of overtones that is expected from the acclaimed A Custom line of cymbals. Strategically placed cutouts on the outer edge of the bottom cymbal help to produce a warm but precise "chic" effect with these new pairings."

And that is accurate. Then they went and DISCONTINUED THEM!! Those bastards!!

Weighing in at a lovely 1352 grams for the Top Cymbal and 1592 grams for the Bottom Cymbal, these REZO Hats play like terrific sounding HUUUUUUGE Semi-Dark, VERY CRISP Zildjians. These Hihats have darker leanings--that's why I dig them. And as promised, that robust bell yields a STRONG projection. These Zildjians CUT supremely...BUT they do NOT CLANK their way through life like some of their accursed brethren do. Combine that with the oooooold school early 80s K cutout Bottom Cymbal (remember those, the old Zildjian Impulse series had them too) and you have some damn FINE sounding hihats!!

Dark, FULL when opened, crisp when closed, CLEAN tone with an ounce of Paiste thrown in for good measure. THAT is these REZO hihats. Some of the nicest modern heavy Zildjian Hihats I have heard in a while. 

And being the BIG 15s", these beauties produce MASSIVE entrancing GROOVES!

You can use these A Custom 15" REZO Hihats on whatever the hell you want-- rock, metal, punk, funk, fusion, big blues, pop, classic rock, country, R&B, gospel, session work, definitely LIVE and ANYTIME you need a great CLEAN, CRISP, FULL and fairly DARK HUGE 15" A Custom Tone that sounds killer and will project.

THIS PAIR sounds Fantastic! GUARANTEED!!!! And they're definitely NO LONGER MADE!!!

So do yourself a favor and grab these MASSIVE, DISCONTINUED, 1352 and 1592 gram Zildjian A Custom 15" REZO Hihats.

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