Vintage Zildjian 60s 13" EARLY New Beat Hihats EX 770 & 1158 Gs PEART

Price: $229.99


$319.95!! That is how much a pair of new Zildjian 13" New Beats will set you back. And that's the Guaranteed Lowest Price too!

And those of course will be "Re-designed" As....

Re-designed TO SOUND LIKE THESE ORIGINALS---which cost less money!!

It's pretty damn hard to find a pair of 13" New Beats from this era-when the New Beats were just introduced, thanks to Louis Bellson's inspiration.

And of course NEIL PEART FAMOUSLY USED 13" NEW BEATS - throughout the 70s and 80s and even 90s! 

And this pair is EARLY for New Beats too!! Responsive and also CRISP! 

Posted for your immense pleasure is this lovely pair of Vintage Zildjian 1960s 13" EARLY New Beat Hihats that are in EXCELLENT Condition. Check out the pictures! Remarkably, there are


nicks, cracks, dings, or dents on these 50+ year old New Beats.   They're in GREAT SHAPE with a wonderful patina that has blanketed them and helps dry them out a pinch.

And check out the ooooo000000OOOOOOLD SCHOOL Vintage Zildjian lathing and handiwork!

What's fascinating about these specific Early New Beats is that they provide a snapshot of the history of Zildjian hihats. This pair is a perfect balance between the thinner 50s/early 60s models and the much more modern and heavier New Beats that emerged in the 80s and exist today. I have owned several pairs of these Vintage Early New Beats and what's interesting about this transition period of Zildjian cymbalmaking (especially New Beats) is that they were responding to the demand from rock players (and later metal players)  for heavier, louder cymbals and you can almost see and hear year by year the cymbals getting heavier. Today's New Beats are fairly thick and heavy and definitely brighter in tone. But these Zildjians are right in the middle of that transition. Slightly thinner Top Cymbal...with a Medium Heavy Bottom Cymbal. That's the new beat philosophy.

The Top cymbal weighs 770 grams and the Bottom cymbal weighs 1158 grams. The sound is a perfect cross section of Vintage/Modern Zildjian hihats. They have a more responsive, warmer, organic, tone than most modern New Beats. But they're not as thin and dark as the 50s models. They're semi-bright and higher pitched and project better than the 50s ones, but they're a bit thinner and more responsive than today's Zildjians. That's what I mean by a perfect cross-section. 

You can use these Vintage Zildjian 60s 13" Early New Beats on absolutely anything. Rock, classic rock, old school funk, soul, R&B, DEFINITELY blues, fusion, loops&samples, session work, Beatles/Ringo hihat slosh, and ANYTIME you need a great semi-complex, responsive Vintage Zildjian Early New Beat tone. 

And if you're a collector with a 60s or 70s kit, mount these beautiful Early New Beat 13s" on your set and bask in the serenity that will descend upon you.

Why spend MORE money on modern Zildjians that are just trying to trying capture THIS SOUND?

And 50 year old 13" NEW BEATS in Excellent Condition are pretty damn hard to find these days!!! 

So do yourself a favor and grab this pair of CRISP, 60s Zildjian 13" Early New Beat Hihats. And hang onto them. Every day, somewhere in the world a New Beat cracks.



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