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Zildjian has ignominiously expunged the 20" Armand Ride from their catalog. In fact the "Beautiful Baby" is the only Armand Ride you can get anymore!!


The good news is....

I happen to have right here and offered up for your immense pleasure this NO LONGER MADE wonderfully SMooo000OOOth sounding Zildjian 20" ARMAND Ride that is in EXCELLENT Condition. Check out the pictures! I am happy to report that there are


nicks, cracks, dents or dings on this Zildjian!! It's in GREAT SHAPE with a  FANTASTIC patina built up! It has an amazing played-in mellow vibe to it!! It's aged beautifully! 

This particular ARMAND Ride is wonderfully versatile--it has a smooth attack, makes a great FULL sounding crash ride and as you can see, has a generous bell.

Zildjian described this cymbal as:

"Classic A Zildjian Ride that offers a sweet shimmering quality of overtones without loss of control or Ride articulation, with a larger sized cup for excellent bell access."

And that is an accurate description.

This is a great, smooth sounding Main Ride or  Crash Ride with hints of a Vintage Zildjian. 

Again, exceptionally versatile!

Weighing in at a lovely 2184 grams, this NO LONGER MADE Armand Ride plays like a smooth Thin or Medium Thin Light Ride or full Crash Ride. What I really like about this specific 20" is that it although I would not call it dry, it has a surprisingly nice stick definition that resides above a very warm wash.

This specific Armand Ride is euphonic and mellllllLLLLooo0000OOOOOoooow....with a euphonic brightness to it! 

The medium high pitch helps it project without being as clumsy as some PING Rides can be. Its much smoother!!  

The bell is strong and cuts extremely well, especially for "the latin thing" and even rock and blues. This cymbal is remarkably well balanced, especially when you get about 10 or 15 feet back. It blends into the room nicely. The overall vibe is warm, fairly mellow, subtle with a great stick attack and fairly controlled but STILL has a fullness when you really lay into it.

Obviously this 20" Armand Ride is perfect for jazz, blues, ballads, and soul. However the fun doesn't stop there. It makes a great foil for any dry ride, and it's a killer Left-Side Light Crash Ride for funk, fusion, rock and pop. Use it ANYTIME you need a great smooth, well balanced, mellow Zildjian tone that's warm and musical.

THIS one is in lovely shape!! NO nicks, dents, dings etc!! Wonderfully aged!! 

And you can't get these beauties anymore!!

So do yourself a favor and grab this great sounding, exceptionally VERSATILE, NO LONGER MADE 2184 gram Zildjian 20" ARMAND Ride.

And hang onto it. It's a smooth one.

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