FOCUSED VINTAGE 1970s Zildjian 22" PING Ride! COPELAND PEART! 3790 Gs

Price: $179.99


$300!!! Wow. That is how much a new Zildjian 20" Ping Ride will set you back. And that's the Guaranteed Lowest price too.  

$300 for the puny, little 20"?!?!?!?!

Now check out this 40+ YEAR OLD BEAST!!! 

THE FABLED 22"!! WHY?? WHY did Zildjian discontinue the 22"????

Offered up for your pleasure is this old school, real deal Vintage 1970s Zildjian 22" PING Ride that's in Excellent Condition. Check out the pictures! There are


nicks, cracks, dents, or dings on this Monster. It's in GREAT SHAPE with a nice patina that has befriended it and a pinch of center hole wear (very small.) Although the "Ping" stamped has been wiped clean by Father time there is no mistaking this behemoth!  It's got that clear crystalline "PING" tone on top and certainly has the weight of a Traditional PING Ride. 3790 grams!  

As many of you may know, the Vintage Zildjian Ping Ride 22" was a perennial favorite of Stewart Copeland and it is what he used on many Police records.  And, of course, Neil Peart famously used a 22" Ping Ride during Rush's heydays of the 1970s through early 1980s!

This particular 22" cuts EXTREMELY WELL!!! It's a BEAST!!  

Weighing in at a ROBUST 3790 grams this 70s PING Ride delivers an Aggressive Bright PING attack that is followed by a semi-full wash. Because it is a 22", the pitch is lower than the smaller 20" and it's a bit DARKER sounding too-which is a great quality on a PING Ride.   The bell is wonderfully solid and slices through stacks of Marshall amps with the utmost of ease. And who doesn't want that??!!!

Perhaps the most famous of all Zildjian Ride cymbals, the Ping Ride has been a staple cymbal for all genres of music for decades.

It's a shame Zildjian discontinued BOTH the 22" and 24".

But fortunately one need not cry nightly into their pillow! I've got you covered.

This Monster 70s Zildjian PING Ride is a Dream Come True for Rock, pop, punk, and Live settings, and its bright, strong projection and super cutting bell make it a welcomed addition to any funk, fusion, country, reggae, or metal setup. Use it anytime you need a BOLD semi-bright, aggressive 22" tone with a semi-full wash.

$300???  For the teeny, tiny 20"!?!?!


Do yourself a favor and grab this REAL DEAL 3790 gram 1970s Zildjian 22" Ping Ride.  If it's good enough for Peart and Copeland...

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