DARK MEDIUM THIN Vintage 1960s Zildjian 18" Light Crash Ride 1414 Gs

Price: $214.99


Here's a vintage 18" that has a DARK, FULL and mellow vibe (when played lightly). 

$410 for a new-fangled "vintage homage" Kerope 18"???

$380 for an Armand Beautiful Baby Ride???

$340 for the "vintage vibe" AVEDIS SERIES????

There's NO NEED! Especially when you can have this 50+ year old  DARK AND FULL 18" AND ACTUALLY SAVE MONEY!!!

This particular 18" is fairly LOW in pitch. 

Very nice, subtle stick attack on this 18" when used as a ride, with an overall controlled tone compliments of the patina and smaller 18" size, and VERY DARK AND FULL when crashed upon! And the bell is quite big and solid for an 18"!

Posted for your immense pleasure is this beautifully well-balanced Vintage 1960s Zildjian 18" LIGHT Crash Ride or Full Crash that is in EXCELLENT Condition.  Check out the pictures! There are


Nicks, cracks, dents, or dings on this 18"! It's in GREAT SHAPE with a lovely patina that has befriended it and helps dry it out a bit.

And 1414 grams is a beautiful thing on a Vintage Zildjian. Medium Thin with an articulate yet mellow stick attack and yet still full and dark when crashed upon.


Old School lathing and craftsmanship on this 50 year old Zildjian.  A beautiful example of the 60s Vintage Zildjian A!

Weighing in at a perfect 1414 grams this Vintage Zildjian plays like a surprsingly  DARK, FULL, well-balanced, MEDIUM THIN Light Crash Ride or Full Crash. The tone is even and euphonic-nothing harsh on this 18". Dark, lower pitched, FULL, with a terrific 1960s spread!!

Warm and fairly complex--that classic 60s Zildjian A!

Obviously this 60s 18" does not sound like a modern Zildjian. 

A perfect candidate for rivets if you're so inclined.

Crashable. Rideable. And at 1414 grams its RESPONSIVE. It sounds like an old Columbia Jazz or Blue Note recording...OR a LIVE BEATLES recording when crashed upon!! 

You can use this 50+ year old Zildjian for whatever your heart's desire. It's a terrific Light Ride for small combo settings or a perfect FULL Crash Ride for bigger setups!

Why the hell spend $410 on a new Zildjian K Constantinople or Kerope that is only trying to imitate THIS?? Or $340 on an "Avedis" homage-the-the-60s-era modern Zildjian??


So do yourself a favor and grab this 1414 gram DARK sounding, lower pitched, FULL, Vintage 60s Medium Thin Zildjian 18" Crash Ride.

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