LIGHT MEDIUM THIN 1950s Vintage Zildjian 18" CRASH RIDE 1481 Gs RINGO

Price: $229.99


Here's a great sounding 1950s Light Crash Ride. And if you're Ringo fan than this is a nice semi-dark crash ride.

It's sounds like an old Columbia Jazz recording. Really, musical and LIGHT and AIRY with a SUBTLE DRYNESS IN THE ATTACK. When crashed upon it really billows out beautifully!! 

WHY spend DOUBLE on a modern, machine made Zildjian that is just trying to imitate THIS more than half-century old beauty!

And check out the craftsmanship on this 18"!! This beauty actually IS HAND HAMMERED!  

Posted for your immense pleasure is this Vintage 1950s Zildjian 18" Light Crash Ride that is in EXCELLENT Condition! Check out the pictures! Remarkably there are


 cracks or keyholing on this 60+ year old gem, It's in GREAT SHAPE with an ultra-light patina forming and a tiny pinch of centerhole wear because someone played this 18" a lot because it sounds damn fine!   It's in really nice shape too!

And check out the lathing!! OLD SCHOOL!!!! That ain't a modern cymbal!

Weighing in at a lovely and VERSATILE 1481 grams this Vintage Zildjian plays like an 1950s RINGO Beatles CRASH RIDE or smaller Thin to Medium Thin Light Ride!  The tone on this Vintage A is wonderfully Semi-dark. Classic MELLOW 1950s Vintage A Ride or Light Crash Ride. As a Crash, this cymbal is fairly complex, with a great spread, and FULL-- like a medium thin. A lush 18" Vintage balanced Crash. And when you ride on this 60+ year old beauty you get a terrific sounding balanced and MELLOW vibe. It still has a nice, subtle stick attack and the ensuing wash has a beautiful shadow of darkness to it. But it's not overly dark.

The pitch is medium to medium low without sounding overly bright or harsh-which is great on a controlled 18"!

A WORKHORSE cymbal that is FULL as a crash and light and controlled as a ride! GREAT SEMI-DRY STICK ARTICULATION!! LUSH WASH!! 

Obviously this cymbal is perfect for jazz, blues, ballads, and soul. However the fun doesn't stop there. It's a fantastic sounding 18" Full Crash for rock, pop, country, soul, indie rock, big band, classic rock, definitely RINGO CRASH/RIDE tone and anytime you need a great sounding 50s vibe Zildjian Light Crash Ride.

And Zildjian sure as hell don't make 'em like this no more.

WHY pay $370 on a "new fangled vintage vibe" Zildjian AVEDIS or even $425 on a K Cons??

Do yourself a favor and grab this great, REAL DEAL, VERSATILE 1481 gram Vintage 1950s Zildjian 18" Mellow Light CRASH RIDE.

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