RARE No Longer Made MASSIVE Zildjian A 22" Crash Ride EX 3032 Gs HUGE

Price: $199.99


$300!! That is how much a new (and puny) Zildjian 20" Crash Ride will set you back. And that's the Guaranteed Lowest Price too.




THE RARE AND NO LONGER MADE BEASTLY 22"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This beauty was hard to find even when Zildjian DID PRODUCE them!! 

Posted for your immense pleasure is this Huge and RARE and No Longer Made Top of the Line Zildjian 22" Crash Ride that is in EXCELLENT Condition. Check out the pictures!! I am thrilled to report that there are


nicks, cracks, dents, or dings, on this Beast. Its' in GREAT SHAPE with a light patina that has befriended it.

This 22" is a MONSTER!!!! MASSIVE!!! I mean this is one of the BIGGEST sounding Crash 22s" you'll ever hear!!

Weighing in at a robust 3032 grams this Zildjian "Crash Ride" plays like a COLOSSAL Semi-Dark Medium FULL CRASH.  The tone is Semi-Dark and it PROJECTS SUPERBLY!! The wash is surprisingly complex--there are a ton of overtones swimming about. It is one hell-of-a-Big Crash cymbal. When you crash/ride on it, it unleashes a torrent of glorious white noise a la Alex Van Halen or Foo Fighters.

As a Ride Cymbal, this Zildjian sounds like a slightly drier and more controlled, DARKER PING Ride. The bell is MASSIVE and supplies a great "DING DING DING" tone! 

Obviously this No Longer Made MASSIVE Zildjian 22" Crash Ride is PERFECT for rock, pop, punk, funk, fusion, and heavier jams. And it excels in LIVE situations. It slices straight through Marshall stacks. And it STILL has a nice slightly dark tone.


$300 for the anemic 20"?

It won't be as dark, FULL and bold as this 22".

And this ain't exactly the easiest cymbal to find!!! It was pretty rare when it WAS been made.

So do yourself a favor and grab this Beastly No Longer Made Huge 3032 gram Zildjian 22" Crash/Ride.

And hang onto it.

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