RARE DRY Vintage 1960s Zildjian 19" LIGHT SIZZLE Ride! EXCD! 2097 Gs!

Price: $279.99

Here's an FANTASTIC SOUNDING Vintage Zildjian.  A 19" FROM THE 60s!!!

There's NO NEED to spend $375 on a modern and stiff Zildjian "Beautiful Baby" 19" Sizzle cymbal.

This 50+ year old 19" IS MUCH DRIER and more musical!! And it's aged exquisitely!! 

And a 19" 1960s Zildjians are VERY hard to find!!  And this one has a gorgeous rounded over bell too! Very solid! 

Posted for your immense pleasure is this RARE, Odd Sized, DRY sounding Vintage 1960s Zildjian 19" LIGHT Sizzle Ride that is in Excellent Condition!  Check out the pictures!! There are


Nicks, cracks, dings, or dents on this glorious 19"! It's in GREAT SHAPE with a lovely patina that has befriended it and dries it ut beautifully!! The stick attack on this Sizzle is magnificent!! 

And dig the lathing on this Zildjian-----ooooooOOOOLD SCHOOL 60s!! 

As promised, weighing in at a lovely 2097 grams, this Vintage Zildjian plays like a terrific DRY Light Sizzle ride.  It's a GREAT multipurpose 19". It has a nice and subtle complexity to it but overall it's euphonic and SMOOTH and very CONTROLLED as far as Sizzle Rides go! The attack is very prominent followed by a classic 60s sounding wash!!! 

It has a great full roar when opened up but again, it's aged half a century and has mellowed out beautifully!!!

Again, the bell is very solid for a 19"! Perfect for "the latin thing," blues and even pop and rock. 

As you can see this 19" is outfitted with 6 OLD TIMEY Rivets.   It looks like they're been in there since the cymbal was born! Take them out for increased definition or leave them in for that glorious Rain On The Roof vibe. I would leave them in. 

Obviously this Vintage early 60s Zildjian 19" Light Ride is a no brainer for jazz, blues, jazz, piano trios, ballads, soul, and jazz. However the fun doesn't stop there. Use it anytime you need a smaller, DRY Light and smooth Vintage tone!

$440 for K Constantinoples??  $375 for a stiff, "vintage vibe" Zildjian "Beautiful Baby?"  

Just get THE ORIGINAL!!! The one that was NEW when Thelonious Monk was playing!! 

So do yourself a favor and grab this hard t find, DRY sounding Vintage 1960s Zildjian 19" Light Ride Sizzle.

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