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These things are SO damn hard to find these days!!  Guys who have these Hi Bell Dry K Cons keep them!

And this one is actually DRY!! It has terrific definition and crashes out very quickly!!  

And it's VERY CLEAN TOO!!! 

I happen to have right here for your immense pleasure, this gorgeous sounding creme de la creme and No Longer Made Zildjian K Constantinople 22" HI BELL DRY Sizzle Ride that is in FANTASTIC Condition! Check out the pictures! I am thrilled to report that there are


nicks, cracks, dents or dings on this Hard to Find K Cons. It's in GREAT SHAPE with a nice and very light patina that has befriended it!! It's got a wonderful played in vibe!!! And check out the hammering on this one! HAMMERED ALL THE WAY OUT TO THE EDGE!!! 

As you can see, this Hi Bell Dry K Constantinople is extremely heavily hammered and wavy and has Armand Zildjian's Signature emblazoned on the underside.

Weighing in at a lovely 2638 grams this Killer K plays like a Thin or Medium Thin DRY Ride. And actual DRY K Constantinople!! 

And Zildjian called it on this Big 22". It's DRY. But what's cool is that the ensuing wash is slightly nastier and more complex than most dry rides. The initial stick attack is prominent and definitely dark in tone and the proceeding wash has more of an "AAAHHH" to it than most dry rides do. It's controlled yet it has a complexity to it. It's a great sounding cymbal. As the overtones swim around, they never eclipse the initial attack.

The bell is semi-integrated and cuts nicely without being overbearing-it's perfect for "the latin thing."

When you crash on this Big 22", it reveals it's darkest side-much nastier than a regular K. More complex, more organic, yet still semi-dry. A BIG Dry Crash. Perfect for accents while riding. And the wash decays very quickly for a big 22"! It's a gorgeous Zildjian! 

This beauty kind of reminds me of a THIN Hi Definition Ride, and way more crashable. That's the vibe.

As you can see this 22" is outfitted with 3 rivets that extend the wash beautifully.  Take them out for increased definition or leave them in for that Rain-On-The-Roof vibe. It sounds terrific as-is. Dry with a subtle afterglow of rivets! 

Obviously this K Constantinople Hi Bell Dry is amazing for jazz, ballads, blues, trio work, acoustic settings, folk, and soul. However the fun doesn't stop there. If you own a bright or full ride, this Big Ass 22" is the perfect foil. Mellow rock, pop, country, funk, fusion, session work---use it ANYTIME you need a great Dark, DRY yet still Complex Big Ass K Constantinople tone that makes a for nasty BIG crash too.

AND THIS K CONS IS NO LONGER MADE! And they're pretty damn hard to find too! And this one is VERY CLEAN! 

So do yourself a favor and grab this RARE Discontinued 2638 gram Zildjian K Constantinople 22" HI BELL DRY Sizzle Ride.

And hang onto it and keep it in great condition!

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