Price: $189.99
 Z-MACs are AWESOME!! Partly cause no one really understands what the hell they are, and partly cause they are not one-dimensional. AND this is a straight up Zildjian A....but you don't have to spend $300 on it! Far from it!Nor do you have to settle for some bogus ZHT Zildjian beginner crap!! Offered up for your pleasure is this Top of the Line FULL, CRASH RIDE vibe Zildjian 20" A Z-MAC Multi-Application Cymbal that is in EXCELLENT Condition! Check out the pictures. I'm happy to report there areNO Nicks, cracks, dents, or dings on this multi-application!  It's in GREAT SHAPE! Pretty darn clean with a light patina starting to form.Z-MAC stands for Zildjian Multi-Application Cymbal which is a cute way of saying crash/ride with a decent bell. And that's what this A is!!! At 2556 grams this 20" leans more towards the "Ride" end of the Crash Ride spectrum, but you can certainly still crash on it. The bottom line is, this specific Z-MAC is a great medium FULL Crash/Ride with great definition and a strong bell for an 20". The weight of this cymbal is 2610 grams. As a crash, it delivers a medium dark, rich sustain that is FULL and projects superbly. It plays like a Medium Crash, Rock Crash or Crash Ride! And if you ride on this Z Mac you get a good, Medium pitched attack (but not dry) that's followed by a balanced, Zildjian A wash. It's a great 20" left side or main ride - it's heavy enough to be a main ride.And the bell is strong and the stick attack is prominent.This is a great cymbal for Rock, funk, fusion, world music, country, definitely blues and jazz, and anytime you need a well-balanced and versatile medium crash/ride that's full and still offers a string attack.There's NO NEED to spend $300 on a brand new Zildjian A!!  And you don't have to settle for some crappy beginner garbage! So do yourself a favor and grab this versatile, FULL sounding Zildjian A Z-Mac 20" Multi-Application Cymbal, a.k.a. Crash Ride!!Check out my store and all of my other listings for more great cymbals and snare drums…
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