SUPER COMPLEX EXOTIC Vintage 1960s Zildjian 20" CHINA PANG 2113 Gs EX

Price: $209.99

A new Zildjian 18" China Boy Low will set you back $275! And THAT is the Guaranteed Lowest Price too!! 

$275 ON SALE!!  For a New 18"?!?!

And it won't sound ANYTHING like this COMPLEX CHINA! 

THIS ONE IS A TRUE PANG!!!  It has that inimitable ROLLING ROAR!! NO other cymbal sounds like the PANG! 


SUPER Old-school Mel Lewis vibe!! A great alternate complex ride! The hammering on the underside is gorgeous too!! It looks very 60s! 

Posted for your immense pleasure is this unbelievably MELLOW and exotic sounding Vintage Zildjian 1960s/1970s 20" China Pang that is in EXCELLENT Condition!! Check out the pictures! Remarkably there are 


nicks, dings, dents, or cracks on this 40+ year old Zildjian. It's in GREAT SHAPE with a beautiful golden patina that has befriended it! Mild use!   

The difference between a Swish and a Pang eludes many drummers.  Here's the 1970s Zildjian description of this cymbal that should help clear it up:

"Available in twenty inch diameter only, usually medium thin in weight and distinctively shaped for a sustained "pangy" sound.  Smaller than average cup and unique taper produce sound of unusual depth and spread. 2 1/2" flat outer edge is ideal for installing rivets, if desired."

It's that "flat outer edge" that makes all the difference. Also PANG Cymbals usually have a super high PROFILE-like this one does, that gives it the super complex tone. Check out the closeups.

 I believe this beauty is from the late 60s or early 70s! 

Weighing in at a lovely 2113 grams this 5 decade old Zildjian China sounds like a wonderfully EXOTIC Pang!! Like the OLD SCHOOL ones---the GREAT ONES!! This 20" has an extremely complex and crazy DARK and MELLOW, exotic vibe.

The spread on this particular one is huge sounding. And the projection is quite strong too - however it STILL has a light softness to it on top! 

As a ride, this Zildjian Pang has a great subtle stick attack and is responsive at medium lower volume levels.  When played lightly it can be used as a alternate Light Mellow Ride, it has a light and airy complex wash. It makes a terrific china, effect cymbal, or alternate ride! 

And it would be a great candidate for rivets to give it that Mel Lewis vibe but this has a bit more bite to it when laid into. 

The cool thing about this 60s/1970s 20" China is that you can use it on anything you want. Many jazz, swing, and big band enthusiasts like them because they make great alternate rides, effects, and because they're a throw back to the old chinese cymbals on contraption sets. However this cymbal is certainly not limited to those genres. Its large size and aggressive attack makes it quite capable in louder rock, pop, funk, fusion, world music, and soul settings. Use it ANYTIME you need a great sounding Old School COMPLEX and exotic Zildjian 20"!!! 

$275?????  For a puny 18"???

This ONE KILLS the modern China!!! Guaranteed!!!! A totally different animal! 

So do yourself a favor and grab this hard to find 1960s/1970s  very exotic sounding Vintage 1960s Zildjian 20" China Pang!

And hang onto it!!! Zildjian doesn't make 'em like THIS anymore. This is a TRUE PANG!!

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