SEMI-DARK SMOOTH MED LOW Vintage 1960s Zildjian 22" Ride EXCD 3112 Gs

Price: $249.99

Sure you can spend $440 on a new fangled "vintage vibe" Zildjian AVEDIS Series 22". 

That's just trying to IMITATE THIS ZILDJIAN! 

Or if you're on a shoestring budget...

$355 for a new regular A Series "Medium."

Why bother?? Just get the ORIGINAL 50 year old beauty!! FOR a HELL of a lot less! 


This 22" is a really nice sounding Zildjian! Great stick articulation but also with a glowing vintage vibe darkness  This particular 22" is VERY smooth, especially for the 3112 gram weight! 

Offered up for your immense delight is this lovely Vintage 1960s fairly DARK Zildjian 22"  Ride Cymbal that is in FANTASTIC Condition. Check out the pictures! Remarkably there are


nicks, cracks, dents, dings, on this 5 decade old 22". It's in GREAT SHAPE with a wonderful GOLDEN patina that has befriended it and helps dry it out a pinch. This Zildjian is a glowing as it looks! 

And this one is very musical. Very strong articulation, but STILL with a great fairly dark wash! It sounds right out of the CLASSIC ROCK ERA!! Perfect! And it's hard to find one this smooth sounding too! 

And it ain't easy to find a big 60s Zildjian in good condition. Most of them succumbed to the swings of 2Bs in the 80s. How this one endured only the mountains and the great open sea know. 

Weighing in at a well-balanced 3112 grams this Vintage Zildjian plays like a Classic Semi-DARK Medium Ride. What is nice about this particular 22" is that the stick definition is strong and is not eclipsed by the wash. The stick stays on top on this one. The wash has a subtle "AAAAAAHHHHHH" to it, LUSH & MELLOW!!! It plays like a great, and again, surprisingly DARK 60s 22". Softer and much darker than an older Ping Ride, but more focused and with better definition than a thinner Trans stamp ride. A very musical 22".  

Absolutely GORGEOUS Tone!!! Well balanced. SMOOTH! 

The bell measures 5.5" and is remarkably SOLID. Definitely strong enough for "the latin thing", and even blues, rock and funk. The overall pitch of this Vintage Zildjian is medium low.  

Lower pitched. Fairly dark. Terrific chime-like stick definition. Gorgeous, warm and lush lower pitched mellow wash! 

THAT is THIS CLASSIC 60s Zildjian 22"!! 

This Vintage Zildjian 60s 22"  ride is a workhorse cymbal.  PERFECT for classic rock, pop, country, funk, fusion, R&B, definitely soul, blues, big band, swing, live situations and anytime you need a well balanced, smooth 60s Zildjian 22". 

And if you want a vintage sound, then go to the source.


Why the hell spend $440 when you can have a REAL DEAL Vintage 60s Zildjian for waaaaaay less?!!

So do yourself a favor and grab this super smooth and mellooooooooo0000OOOOOoooow, semi-dark 3112 gram Zildjian 22" Ride. And hang onto it. 

Vintage As are ALWAYS in style.

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