Price: $279.99



That is how much a new Zildjian AVEDIS 20" will set you back! 

However there is simply NO NEED to spend ALL of that THREE HUNDRED & NINETY DOLLARS! 


And you need not sacrifice TONE NOR CONDITION!!! 


BEHOLD...and this specific 20" AVEDIS is VERY LIGHT AND COMPLEX sounding for the series!! 

Offered up for your immense delight is this lovely and SUPER AIRY sounding, Zildjian 20" AVEDIS Crash Ride Cymbal that is in AMAZING Condition!!  Check out the pictures! Remarkably there are


nicks, cracks, dings or dents on this 20". As a matter of fact this AVEDIS can easily PASS AS NEW!!!  


Here's what Zildjian has to say about their Avedis line:

"This new addition to the Zildjian “A” Family is a sonic recreation of the vintage "A" sound from the 1950's.  Each cymbal in this collection delivers immense musicality and features a thin, loose, played-in feel with a great balance of bright and dark overtones. 

We added a variety of intricate details to make this collection truly something special including its timeless, individual "aged" patina to the classy and understated "Avedis" logo, to the original hollow "Zildjian" logo underneath."

It truly does sound like a Vintage A, the attack is almost exactly the same as you'd find on an equal weight 50s/60s/70s Vintage Zildjian.  And that "Aged" finish sure does look nice and mellow out the vibe!!!!

The weight is a LOVELY 1894 grams which ensures a gorgoeous, billowing wash - the best I've heard so far in this Avedis Line. Because of the thin-ish weight this 20" actually plays like a big CRASH RIDE.  Again, the wash is prominent on this 20", but it doesn't overpower the lovely COMPLEX and AIRY attack, nice and defined--and the wash has a generous fullness to it.  When you shoulder it it unleashes a glorious OLD SCHOOL type of wash - Beatles-ish all day! 

The bell measures 5.5" and is definitely strong enough for "the latin thing", and even blues, rock and funk. The overall pitch of this Zildjian is medium low.  

It plays like a broken in Zildjian - softer than a modern A series or Armand for sure. 

LIGHT. Complex with a broad spread - AIRY with a terrific "AAAAAAAhhhhhhhhhhhh" tone that is overall breathy. A PERFECT Light Crash Ride! And at 1894 grams this Avedis can easily be a big MELLOW 20" CRASH! 


Tremendously versatile!!! 


This Zildjian Avedis 20" is a workhorse cymbal.  PERFECT for JAZZ, classic rock, pop, country, funk, fusion, R&B, definitely soul, blues, big band, swing, live situations and anytime you need a COMPLEX, light and airy Zildjian 20" Ride or Crash Ride. 

And if you want a vintage sound from a modern cymbal then look no further.



There's NO NEED!! This one IS PERFECT!!!!!! 

So do yourself a favor and get this 1894 gram, VERSATILE Zildjian "Avedis" 20" Crash Ride. And hang onto it. 

It really does sound like a THIN Vintage A!

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