Price: $129.99


That is how much a new Zildjian 20" Ping Ride will set you back. And it sure as hell won't sound like this Monster. 

Why pay that much when for the price of a ZBT Ride you could be playing this Ping from the 1980s???

You need not suffer BAD cymbals!!! 

And this one is SUPER PING - Y!! It sounds exactly like a PING Ride should!! 

Offered up for your enjoyment is an Aggressive 1980s Zildjian 20" PING Ride that's in EXCELLENT Condition. Check out the pictures!  There are 

NO nicks, dents, dings, or cracks on this Beast. It's in great shape with a lovely patina that has befriended it and pinch of centerhole wear (hardly even noticeable and who cares, all stands have cymbal sleeves.)

Weighing in at a ROBUST 2907 grams this 80s PING Ride delivers an extremely Aggressive Bright PING attack that is followed by a semi-full wash. There is no question that this is one of the heaviest, brightest and BEEFED up projection PING Rides you will encounter. The bell is wonderfully solid and slices through stacks of Marshall amps. And the pitch is blessed with a FAT high end that ensures cutting capability. 

Perhaps the most famous of all Zildjian Ride cymbals, the Ping Ride has been a staple cymbal for all genres of music for decades. 

This Bulked Up 80s Zildjian PING Ride is a Dream Come True for Rock and Live settings, and its bright, supreme projection and super cutting bell make it a welcomed addition to any funk, fusion, country, pop, reggae, or punk setup.

$300 for an anemic new Ping???!!  


Get this one for the price of some beat-ass ZBT!!! 


Do yourself a favor and grab this Prince of Projection, 2907 gram 1980s Zildjan 20" Ping Ride.

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