Price: $219.99
Here's an INCREDIBLE SOUNDING PAIR of 1980s Zildjian 13" New Beats! They have that famous 80s Neil Peart AIRY, WHISPY - NESS to them - that Top cymbal is ONLY 798 grams so it's LIGHT! 



That is how much a new pair of Zildjian New Beats will set you back. Surely that must be the list price. BUT NO!!! As a matter of fact, that's the Guaranteed Lowest Price!!

And those $325 Dollar New Beats sure as hell won't sound like these 80s BRILLIANT Finish New Beats!! 

Posted for your immense delight is this No Longer Made pair of CRISP and THINNER Zildjian 13" BRILLIANT FINISH NEW BEAT Hihats that are in TERRIFIC Condition. Check out the pictures! I am thrilled to report that there are 


nicks, cracks, dents or dings on these resplendent beauties!!! They're in GREAT SHAPE, overall very CLEAN with a light patina that has formed, some typical light wear to the Brilliant Finish, Father Time has faded the Top Cymbal logo REALLY giving it the Vintage Peart treatment. 

What's interesting about these Brilliant Finish New Beats is that they possess a cleaner, more shimmering, glassy tone than the Traditional Finish New Beats. They almost seem to have a few ounces of Paiste in them. With their clean, bright tone they have no problem projecting straight through of stack of Marshall amps. They are terrific hihats for live situations. 

The weights are a slim 798 grams for the Top Cymbal and  978 grams for the Bottom Cymbal. Classic NEW BEAT thinner Top Cymbal heavier Bottom Cymbal combination. Clean Tone with a strong projection YET STILL RESPONSIVE!!    

And being 13"s they are a little tighter and slightly more focused than their 14" brethren.  Then add in the DARK SHIMMER of the BRILLIANT FINISH!!!

And THEY'RE CRISP!!!  Classic NEW BEAT Brilliant tone with a slightly darker twist!!!

These NO LONGER MADE 13" Brilliant New Beats are obviously perfect for rock, pop, funk, punk, fusion, classic rock, country, big blues, hip-hop, loops and samples, reggae, studio work, Live situations and ANYTIME you need a cleaner than the Traditional Finish, bright, crisp New Beat tone that has a strong projection.

$325 for the humdrum non-Brilliants???????

Do yourself a favor and grab these long ago discontinued, GLASSY sounding THINNER Top 798-978 gram  Zildjian Brilliant 13" New Beat Hihats. 

And hang onto them. They are CLEAN! 


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