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HERE'S ONE OF BEST SOUNDING ONE OF THESE I'VE EVER HEARD - it has a little bit more COMPLEXITY than most, a sublte "aaaaahhhhhhhhh" wash! 



That is how much a new Zildjian K Custom 20" Left Side Ride will set you back. And that's the SALE PRICE TOO!! 

And I doubt it'll sound as good as THIS ONE!! This particular 20" has a great, slightly subtle LIGHT GLOW TO IT- which is a terrific feat on a DRY cymbal! 

And check out the hammering on this particular one. It's hammered all over hell!! Really nice subtle copper hues surface on this one! 

I happen to have right here and offered up for you....this fairly DRY but still COMPLEX sounding Peter Erskine inspired Zildjian K Custom 20" Left Side Ride Sizzle that is in AMAZING Condition! Check out the pictures! I am thrilled to report that there are 


nicks, cracks, dents or dings on this lovely Ride. It's in GREAT shape-it looks pretty much exactly like a new one! These beauties are unlathed and RAW straight from the factory. 

Shy of walking right into Zildjian, it's as clean as you will see!! 

Great balance between stick attack and wash ratio on this one-again this one has more body. 

And yes, we can all agree that the "Left Side Ride" is unfair to south paws. To be equitable, someone should make a "Right Side Ride."  

What's interesting about this Left Side Ride is that it combines two opposite ends of the cymbal spectrum. The cymbal is RAW, unlathed, and heavily hammered yielding a focused, dry attack-much like a K Custom Dry Ride, however...

...those wonderful factory rivets. Yes, right up in the corner. These cluster rivets wonderfully echo that dark, dry wash that is produced from the initial stick attack. And check out the profile. And the bell which is raw and solid. And what's interesting is that when you strike the bell, you get a strong, isolated bell tone, however, the shimmering rivet give the bell almost an integrated feel. Quite a unique sound.

Zildjian describes this cymbal as:

"A compliment to your Crash and a "best friend" to your Ride, the Left Side Ride has the familiar warmth and clarity of other Ks but adds a new distinctive sound."

That is all accurate, but I would add that this one adds some dryness to that "warmth and clarity" but it's true, it does have some body to it.


Weighing in at a lovely 2489 grams, this Left Side Ride plays like a Medium Thin to Medium fairly DRY Ride. Very nice articulate definition on this one that's proceeded by a subtle AHHHHHHHHHH wash--compliments of those lovely rivets and this 20" having a bit more presence than most. 

And as the name suggests, this is a great Left Side or alternate ride. Even if your right side ride is Dry, this 20" sounds different. And it's not just a left side ride for jazz. Rock, blues, definitely funk and fusion, certainly soul, and even electronic and techno-this ride will turn heads.

A workhorse  Zildjian K Custom 20".


Save your hard earned money! This one sounds killer too. It's WAY more "AAAAAAAHHHHHHHH" light and airy than most! 

And it's CLEAN AS HELL!!!! So save your hard earned money!!!!

So do yourself a favor and grab this killer dry and complex 2489 gram sounding Zildjian K Custom 20" Left Side Ride. 


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