THIN TOP VINTAGE 1940s 1950s ZILDJIAN 15" Hihats 976 1437 Gs New Beat ish

Price: $314.99

Imagine if New Beats were made in 1950 - WELL HERE YOU GO! 



$400!! That is how much a pair of regular-ass humdrum Zildjian 15" New Beats will set you back. And that's the Guaranteed Lowest Price too!

$400!! Damn!!

For the "REDESIGNED" New Beats.  


And this particular pair of Vintage Zildjian hats have a pinch more complexity than the modern ones. THE TOP CYMBAL IS THIN!! 976 grams!! 

They are 70+ years old and have that old school vibe to them. 

AND they are RESPONSIVE at lower level volumes!!

Posted for your immense pleasure is this fantastic sounding pair of Vintage Zildjian 1940s Trans Stamp /1950s 15" Combo Hihats with New Beat-ish weights that are in Excellent Condition! There are 


nicks, cracks, dents or dings on these half century old beauties! They have a glorious HAND hammering and have a golden 70 year old patina that has built up and mellowed them out!  A pinch of center hole wear, insignificant.  They have normal light wear for 70 year old Zildjians.

And check out the ooooo000000OOOOOOLD SCHOOL Vintage Zildjian lathing. The handiwork on the top cymbal really gives these Zildjians a bit more of an organic tone than their fellow Vintage New Beats. And the bottom cymbal is a 1940s TRANS STAMP with the smaller early center hole. 

What's fascinating about these specific Vintage Zildjians is that they provide a snapshot of the history of Zildjian hihats. This pair is a perfect balance between the thinner 50s models and the much more modern and heavier New Beats that emerged in the 80s and exist today.  Most modern New Beats are fairly thick and heavy and definitely brighter in tone. But these Zildjians are right in the middle of that transition. Thinner Top Cymbal...with a Medium Heavy Bottom Cymbal. That's the new beat philosophy. 

Again, this specific pair is lightly complex! Perfect for that RINGO BEATLES SLOSH OR MELLOWER VINTAGE vibe!  And that heavier bottom hihat delivers a fantastic CHICK TONE!  

The Top 1950s cymbal weighs 976 grams (yes, that's a beautiful thing)  and the Bottom Trans Stamp 1940s cymbal weighs 1437 grams. They have a more responsive, warmer, organic, complex, dirtier tone than modern New Beats. But they're not as thin and dark as the 50s models. They're dark and higher pitched and project better than the 40s ones, but they're a bit thinner, lower pitched, more responsive and definitely more complex than today's Zildjians. That's what I mean by a perfect cross-section.

What I dig about this specific pair is that they're still smooth but they have a pinch more complexity - a pinch more going on from that Hand Hammered love. And they're definitely responsive. 


You can use these Vintage Zildjian Hihats on absolutely anything. Rock, classic rock, old school funk, soul, R&B, DEFINITELY blues, fusion, loops & samples, session work, Beatles/Ringo hihat slosh, and ANYTIME you need a great semi-complex, responsive Vintage Zildjian Early New Beat tone. 

$400 for the REDESIGNED ZILDJIANS????? That's just ridiculous! 

Do yourself a favor and grab this pair of slightly more complex sounding, THIN top 976 & 1437 gram Zildjian 15" Trans Stamp 1940s/1950s Combo Hihats. And hang onto them. 


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