GREAT DEFINITION Vintage 1960s DRY Zildjian 20" Ride 2845 Gs FOCUSED EXCD

Price: $219.99

Why the hell spend $300 of $400 on a modern Zildjian when you can have THE ORIGINAL 60s ONE and SAVE A LOT OF MONEY??!!

Check out this 60+ year old BEAUTY!!  Terrific DEFINITION on this 20" and it's NOT overly harsh or bright!! 

This Zildjian is straight out of the CLASSIC ROCK ERA!! It's PERFECT for rock, funk and blues! It's THE CLASSIC A SOUND! 

Posted for your immense pleasure is this Vintage 1960s SEMI-DRY SOUNDING  Zildjian 20" Ride that is in absolutely Terrific Condition. Check out the pictures. I am happy to report that there are 


nicks or cracks on this 60 year old gem! It's in GREAT SHAPE with a glorious golden brown patina that has blanketed it and helps mellow and DRY out the tone beautiuflly.

This Zildjian dates back to the 1960s. It does not say "Ping" on the cymbal, but it PLAYS like a WELL-SEASONED DRY PING Ride from those halcyon days at Zildjian. 


This thing is amazing for 60s or 70s CLASSIC ROCK.



Weighing in at a lovely 2845 grams, this 20" has a Medium to Medium Heavy constitution. The attack is aggressive and DRY and remarkably PING-Y! The tone is Medium and Focused. The pitch is medium. The sustain is well balanced, not too long, and the overall vibe it focused. Ping-y. The bell is solid and cuts extremely well! 


What I like about this specific Zildjian is that the definition is strong but this cymbal IS NOT harsh or brash or overly bright! 

Classic Vintage Zildjian 1960s tone!!! The tone that made them famous. 

Semi-DRY, controlled, great stick attack, medium tone. Balanced wash. Classic 60s Zildjian!

That is this cymbal! 

This Vintage 60s Zildjian 20" Ping-ish Ride is a no brainer for rock, definitely classic rock, pop, big blues, punk, funk, fusion, country, heavier playing, and anytime you need a great Semi-Dry, Focused, evenly balanced Vintage Zildjian 60s cutting tone.


Do yourself a favor and grab this 2845 gram Vintage 1960s Zildjian 20" Ride. 

And hang onto it.


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