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OK, well, sometimes even I'm surprised...

I'VE SEEN A HELL OF A LOT OF CRAZY-ASS CYMBALS, BUT I HAVE NEVER SEEN FACTORY STAMPED 1960s ZILDJIAN 10" HIHATS BEFORE!!   YES...TEN INCH HIHATS!! Stamped "HIHAT." They must be to precursor/prototypes to the now discontinued 10" SR Special Recording Hihats.  And these beauties are THIN - like THIN BABY NEW Beats! 244 and 387 grams!  I cannot begin to explain the joy that is coursing through my body right now. I'm passing around cigars in the maternity ward here!!   Without further ado....


Posted for your immense pleasure is this ULTRA RARE pair of Vintage Zildjian 1960s 10" Factory Stamped Hihats that are in AMAZING Condition!  Check out the pictures! 

Remarkably there are 


nicks, cracks, dents or dings on these 60 year old 10" Hihats! They're in magnificent shape with a golden patina that has graced them! 

Look at the hammering and lathing on these little bundles of joy!! 

Weighing in at a THIN 244 grams for the Top Cymbal and 387 grams for the Bottom Cymbal, these Vintage 10" Hihats play like THIN BABY NEW BEATS! 

The have all the Classic Semi DARK, WHISPY tone of THINNER Vintage Zildjians, but they are remarkably more focused and controlled, and even MORE WHISPY and SPLASHY, and controlled! The response is FAST and their decay quick. When opened, they splash and then get out of the way quickly, which is cool because they do not muddy up your tone. Crisp, controlled, articulate attack with a fast response.

They can be used as stackers or individual cymbals as well. 

That's these ultra rare Vintage Zildjian 10" Factory Stamped Hihats!! Fun for any player and a must have for any collector! 

You can use these  Hihats for whatever your heart's desire. Their tight, fast, tone is perfect for funk, fusion, hip-hop, definitely reggae, drum and bass, techno, and Jojo Mayer grooves, and their controlled tone and great response is perfect for acoustic gigs, lower volumes, folk, jazz and recording. 

And they make an excellent pair of alternate hihats for pop and rock. 

THIS UNIQUE PAIR is in great shape. No nicks or dings. A gorgeous golden patina. 

So do yourself a favor and grab this pair of INSANELY RARE Vintage 1960s Zildjian 244 and 387 gram Factory Stamped 10" Hihats!



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