DARK SEMICOMPLEX Vintage Zildjian EARLY 1950s Block Stamp 22" Ride 3154 G

Price: $374.99

$570! That is how much a new Zildjian K Constantinople will set you back.....

How about $480 for one of those new-fangled "vintage homage" Avedis Series Zildjians...that's trying to SOUND vintage?

$520? for a Kerope????

Why not get an ORIGINAL 70 year old Zildjian?!! THE ACTUAL ORIGINAL 22" FROM THE 50s, AND SAVE MONEY!!!! This one is like a GOLDILOCKS 22"! 

AND THIS ZILDJIAN REALLY WAS HAND HAMMERED! Imagine THAT! It sounds like it's right out of a Thelonious Monk recording! 

Posted for your immense pleasure is this FAIRLY DARK, semi - COMPLEX sounding Very Hard to Find Vintage Zildjian 1950s BLOCK STAMP 22" Ride that is in Excellent Condition!!  Check out the pictures!  Remarkably there are


nicks, cracks or dings on this 70 year old beauty.  It's in GREAT SHAPE with a glorious golden patina that has befriended it and typical light use. 

Look at the closeups on this beauty too--gorgeous craftsmanship!!! Hand Hammered wavy surface! 

What I dig about this specific 22" is that it is remarkably WELL - BALANCED. Dark, strong stick attack, but still fairly COMPLEX and medium low in pitch! 

It has a lot more character than some of its more uber complex brethren. This is like one that Jack DeJohnette would play (Paiste Sound Creation years), it has more straight up stick attack and is overall more focused but still has a light complexity.  


Weighing in at a lovely 3154 grams, this 22" plays like great Medium Ride, but SOUNDS like a Medium Thin Ride.  SURPRISINGLY COMPLEX for the weight. Really, really GREAT!!  It sounds like an old Blue Note record. Classic Vintage Zildjian Hand Hammered wash...but STILL with a nice woody stick definition. 

Overall DARK! Medium low in pitch. 

The bell is strong too. 

And it'd be a great candidate for rivets if you're so inclined.

Obviously this GOLDILOCKS, well-balanced sounding Vintage Zildjian 50s BLOCK STAMP 22" Ride is a no brainer for jazz, ballads, blues, trio work, and soul. However the fun does not stop there, its warm, hand hammered wash and smooth vintage vibe will be a welcomed addition for any funk, fusion, folk, indie rock, or mellow pop/rock rig.

Honestly, when spend $570 on a modern Zildjian??

OR $480 on a "vintage vibe" cymbal that is just trying to IMITATE THIS RARE 22"???

If you want a vintage sound, then go to the source.


So do yourself a favor and grab this well-balanced, dark and semi-complex 3154 gram  Zildjian 1950s Block Stamp 22" right here. And hang onto it.


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