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CALL OR TEXT GERRY ANYTIME: (216) 577-7552 or

DRY COMPLEX Istanbul AGOP 30th ANNIVERSARY 22” Ride 2355 g Thin GOLDEN

Original price $559.99 - Original price $559.99
Original price
$559.99 - $559.99
Current price $559.99
  • Well as far as modern cymbals go, this one raised the bar for all companies. 

  • The famous Istanbul AGOP 30th ANNIVERSARY 22” Ride in Amazing Condition. 

  • And this particular one is THIN - only 2355 grams. Don’t guess at a stock photo…have a listen to this exact cymbal!  

  • Agop has put out many renowned series, but this is their flagship and most expensive one, and it shows. 

  • Hand shaped bell - reminiscent of the great Istanbul  K Zildjians of yore!

  • Stunning Hand Hammered plain and wavy surface - looks like this cymbal was made in 1943!! 

  • At 2355 grams this particular 22” has a perfect LIGHT Semi-DRY COMPLEX vibe. This is where Istanbul Agop really cracks the riddle of the Sphinx. 

  • Great semi-dry stick attack followed by that telltale Hand Hammered organic Agop wash. 

  • Instantly recognizable GOLDEN HUE with no logos for a completely  Vintage Old School look. 

  • Brooding. Organic.  Breathy. Old World look, feel and tone. Crash on it for lightening-like accents.  

  • Broad spread, medium quick decay for a big 22”. 

  • Aging magnificently. 

  • One of the nicest cymbals on the market - and everyone knows it.  

  • No issues. Amazing condition. Deep Golden hued patina. 

  • A legend in its own time. Collectible. Gorgeous.