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CALL OR TEXT GERRY ANYTIME: (216) 577-7552 or

Glowing Versatile Istanbul AGOP STERLING Crash Ride 2198 g PERFECT IN BAG

Original price $389.99 - Original price $389.99
Original price
$389.99 - $389.99
Current price $389.99
  • Described as:

    “Distinctly modern yet rooted in classic cymbal sounds of the 1960s. Clear articulate sticking, a prominent bell with a warm and full crash.”

  • This Istanbul Agop STERLING 20” Crash Ride indeed threads the Vintage/Modern needle. 

  • Incredibly versatile, smooth, semi-dark to dark, but as far as AGOPS go, this beautiful Sterling Crash Ride is not overly trashy or complex.

  • It definitely has a foot solidly planted in the Traditional, glowing warm world. Like a Trafironal that’s been tweaked to be smoother and a bit more focused.  This one is fairly dark but also balanced, not overly so. 

  • 2198 grams gives it a Goldilocks weight that ensures an articulate stick attack, as promised, but it’s remarkably crashable as well!   It can easily be a BIG Dark Crash for rock. 

  • The bell is solid and strong enough to cut penetrate even in louder settings. 

  • What’s immediately recognizable about this Sterling Crash Ride is how USABLE it is! 

  • Perfect for any genre - whether that be recording or performing live. And that comes as no surprise because Aaron Sterling has an illustrious career doing BOTH.

  • Very flat to loud settings. 

  • Perfect in the bag!  Only played for the video. 

  • Amazing.