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CALL OR TEXT GERRY ANYTIME: (216) 577-7552 or

DARK COMPLEX Istanbul Mehmet MC JAZZ Crash 18” 1361 g Immaculate

Original price $239.99 - Original price $239.99
Original price
$239.99 - $239.99
Current price $239.99
  • Here’s a Zildjian K Killer!  And it’s a lot less money too and it’s actually Hand Hammered and darker. 

  • Beautiful RAW bell that helps it cut, which is great on a Dark Thin Crash. 

  • The elusive Istanbul Mehmet 18” MC JAZZ Crash - and it’s in immaculate condition.

  • As you can see this Istanbul is the cousin of the AGOP SE Special Edition - and that’s the vibe of it.

  • Dark, a dry attack, compliments of the alternating brown/gold lathing (SE style lathing), followed by a semi-complex wash that decays quickly! Medium-low to low in pitch for a 18”.

  • The beautiful RAW bell that gives this Dark Crash a bit of biting attack - enough to cut through a mix without clanking.

  • 1361 grams makes it thin and the edges are slightly bendable, but it has enough in it to punch through. A darker complex Crash. 

  • If you like DARK CRASHES, this one sounds amazing. Guaranteed.   

  • No issues. Beautiful craftsmanship. Immaculate condition.