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CALL OR TEXT GERRY ANYTIME: (216) 577-7552 or

Semi-Dark Complex Masterwork Thalles 17” Thin China Swish 1067 g NEW

Original price $189.99 - Original price $189.99
Original price
$189.99 - $189.99
Current price $189.99
  • Here’s a fantastic semi-dark, complex China that cuts extremely well but is STILL thin and responsive! |

  • It’s like a K China - but actually Hand Hammered and not $350! 

  • Masterwork Paper Thin Thalles 17” China weighing a lovely 1067 grams.
  • As you can see the body of this 17” has a sand-blasted, pre-aged finish while the outer edge has beautiful traditional style very thin lathing. 

  • The edges are thin and bendable. 

  • This particular 17” cuts very well, the attack is strong, but it does not clank! 

  • Complex, semi-dark, organic, opens very quickly, extremely responsive at lower volume settings but has no problem cutting - it has a biting quick attack. 

  • Glorious as a small, alternate Ride - or effects complex ride Swish. 

  • Perfect Condition.

  • Absolutely destroys the K China.  That I promise.