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Dry Complex Meinl BYZANCE NUANCE Ride Sizzle 21” 2205 g RAW Bell

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$379.99 - $379.99
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  • Here’s a fascinating, gorgeous-sounding Meinl Byzance 21” that you don’t see many of beyond a google stock photo! 

  • Gorgeous and unique, Top of the Line Hand Hammered Meinl Byzance 21” RALPH PETERSON NUANCE Sizzle Ride.  

  • Take a look at the close-ups. Raw, generous bell because Ralph Peterson noticed all the big band drummers played cymbals with a big bell for projection. 

  • But at only 2184 grams this 21” is fairly THIN and light sounding. 

  • Here’s how Meinl describes this Signature Series 21”:

    The Byzance Jazz Nuance Ride was developed in cooperation with renowned jazz drummer and Meinl artist Ralph Peterson. The Nuance ride is the sister cymbal to the Meinl Symmetry ride and serves as a crash/ride but can also be played as the main ride. Six rivets positioned evenly in one section of the cymbal give it instant sizzle while changing the dynamic of the wash. Spin the cymbal with the rivets positioned away and the wash becomes more prevalent. With the rivets positioned closer, the cymbal becomes drier with more stick definition. A dry character and complex wash make this cymbal relevant in today’s music with a homage to the early era of jazz, R&B, and funk.”

  • This is an amazing dry, complex light 21” Sizzle. 

  • Large golf ball-sized hammering on with duo-styled surface/lathing/unlathed. Really an incredible piece! Hand-made all the way - with a unique, round copper bell. 

  • The weight is 2184 grams and it plays like a Thin to Medium Thin DRY COMPLEX Sizzle. It sounds very old-world, dry Istanbul K.  That’s the vibe - organic with a hint of nasty, pre-aged mojo. 

  • It is outfitted with 6 factory brass cluster rivets which give this 21”  a perfect amount of rain-on-the-roof sizzle.

  • Dry. Light. Complex. Medium to medium-low in pitch which highs present. Broad spread. Very organic tone. Great semi-dry attack. Bill Stewart Dry Complex vibe but nastier and not as manicured. 6 brass cluster rivets.

  • A beautiful handcrafted Signature Cymbal from Meinl was inspired by a wonderful and inspiring drummer. 

  • Immaculate condition.