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CALL OR TEXT GERRY ANYTIME: (216) 577-7552 or

THIN Paiste 602 Modern Essentials Splash 10” 296 g

Original price $179.99 - Original price $179.99
Original price
$179.99 - $179.99
Current price $179.99
  • No need to go $220 deep on a stock photo and a guess for a 10" Splash!  

  • You can hear this exact beauty right now - and it does indeed sound gorgeous. 

  • Why?  

  • Because at only 296 grams this Paiste 602 Modern Essentials 10" Splash is THIN and its actually SPLASHES! 

  • Imagine that!  A splash that splashes.  

  • This is Paiste's flagship series and it shows!

  • Paiste describes this 10" as:   
    "Warm, airy, snarling, silvery. Fairly wide range, complex mix. Soft feel with a very responsive, explosive splash sound. Low tuned effect cymbal for lively accents in moderate volume. Well suited for hand-playing. Vinnie Colaiuta explains: “They are sweet, they are these kind of punctuation marks in the background.”

  • Exquisitely said Vinnie!! 

  • Extremely CLEAN.  No issues.  

  • Paiste's top cymbal.  As versatile as the man who inspired it.