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Original price $369.99
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Current price $349.99
  • Here’s a beauty that was inspired by one of the greatest drummers to ever pick up sticks. 

  • And of course, that means Zildjian discontinued it….

  • The Hard To Find Steve Gadd model K Custom Session 18” Ride. And this one is DRY too. 

  • Yes, its the more controlled 18” - modeled directly after his personal cymbals according to Zildjian. And this one has aged and mellowed 18 years. 

  • Being 18 years old makes it a very early model! 

  • Here's what Zildjian has to say about the 20" version:
    "The popular Session series is the culmination of several years work between Steve Gadd and the Zildjian Sound Lab to duplicate his classic and sought-after cymbal sound. 14" HiHats and 18" Ride were modeled directly after Steve's personal cymbals with the 16" and 18" Crashes representing Steve's favorite crash sounds."

  • And that is accurate, but add in a sentence about the tone being more controlled by the 18" size.

  • And this specific one is DRY, and fairly dark and low-sounding. It could easily pass as a 20”. It’s low pitched for a Zildjian 18”.

  • The weight is 2039 grams which makes its right on the middle weight wise for the series.  

  • The bell is unhammered and solid as hell! The plain of the ride is unlathed but hammered. The finish is brilliant and in this case very brilliant and clean! 

  • What's nice about this particular 18" is that the pitch is not as high as you may expect. It's a great low pitch with the capacity to cut and has the body. It sounds a bit more mellow than the original K Custom.

  • DRY. Surprisingly dark. Solid bell. Medium to Medium-low in pitch. Plays like a larger cymbal but has the control of an 18". Focused. Chime-like attack. Controlled sustain. Fairly quick decay. 

  • Perfect for absolutely any genre at any volume.  As versatile as the man who inspired it. 

  • Terrific shape. No issues. Nice light patina building. Aged 18 years. Strong logos. Clean. 

  • A felicitous tribute to one of the greatest.

  • And an early model too!