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CALL OR TEXT GERRY ANYTIME: (216) 577-7552 or

Rare Vintage Paiste Pre Serial 602 Paper Thin Hihats 13” 654 696 g

Original price $429.99 - Original price $429.99
Original price
$429.99 - $429.99
Current price $429.99
  • I have been collecting cymbals for over 25 years and I have to say, I have not seen a whole lot of Pre Serial 602 Hihats in the 13" size.

  • They either didn't make many of them, or they were a perennial favorite of hair-metal bands in 1987 and they were all cracked in the MTV video shoot. 

  • Paper-thin gram weights on these beauties - 654 and 696.

  • Absolutely glorious, half-century-old patina that dries them out subtly. This is the famous 60s sound that put Paiste on the map over fifty years ago.

  • Classic, clean, very responsive with a light complex liveliness thanks to those thin gram weights. In this case, a pinch brighter than your standard 14s". They have a much faster response whether playing with your hand or your foot.

  • Very hard to find, no issues, aged beautifully. Classic five-decade old 602 Paiste-tone.