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CALL OR TEXT GERRY ANYTIME: (216) 577-7552 or

Semi - Dry Versatile Sabian AAX 21” Stage Ride 2781 g

Original price $189.99 - Original price $189.99
Original price
$189.99 - $189.99
Current price $189.99

  • This is an incredibly versatile Ride Cymbal - terrific, semi-dry stick definition that stays on top of a clean and controlled wash. 

  • All for the price of some beat-ass Paiste PST7.  

  • If you’re looking for a cymbal to use on a ton of rehearsals and gigs that’s practical and easy and sounds great in damn near every setting…and not $600…

  • Get this. 

  • Sabian AAX Stage Ride in the large 21” size in terrific shape. 

  • 2781 grams gives this 21” a medium to medium heavy constitution but it still has a fantastic, even and balanced, semi-dry focused stick attack that cuts a mix WITHOUT being overbearing or clanky. 

  • Delivers a great chime-like stick tone with a bit of darkness thrown in and a subtle bright shimmer on top.  

  • The AAX series is Sabian’s version of the Zildjian A or A Custom.  For decades it’s been their most popular series - and there’s a reason for that:

  • It works. 

  • Smooth.  Balanced. Even. Broad dynamic range with a fearless bell.  Of course it projects well, but it also sounds great at lower volumes too. 

  • No issues. Great patina built up over decades dries it out beautifully.  

  • A killer all-around 21”.