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HERE'S A RARE ONE! ALMOST HUNTED INTO EXTINCTION!  YOU HARDLY EVER SEE THESE IN THE WILD (unless you go to Catalina Island, but that's only if you want an actual live bison, not a Bison snare)!

Offered up for your immense pleasure is this Unique Made in the USA BISON NGU ROCK 6.5" X 14" All Maple Snare Drum that is in a stunning Mahogany finish and is adorned with (NGU) MAGNESIUM HARDWARE!   Check out the pictures!  Typical use/light scratching on the shell/hoops/hardware.  

It's in GREAT SHAPE!! Overall pretty DAMN CLEAN!! Look at the pictures! 

And this snare sounds AMAZING!! Guaranteed!!! It's exceptionally CRISP and tight sounding on top but still has a tremendous amount of body and punch to it. 

Check out what Bison has to say about this snare:

"A Bison NGU rock snare is built to take everything you throw at it.  NGU is what brings Bison rock snares to the forefront. A broad range of tuning is achieved with ease producing a rich, full sound with tremendous volume. NGU ensures the lugs remain solidly in place throughout the hardest of workouts resulting in a head constantly in tune with itself and never losing resonance and volume. The thick, rounded NGU hoops give you a fat, beefy, penetrating rimshot sound while exerting less damage on your sticks than conventional rims."

Here are the splendiferous specs:

RARE Made in the USA Bison 6.5" X 14" All Maple Shell,  has re-enforcement rings, "Unbreakable" NGU MAGNESIUM HARDWARE, 10 Classy Bison Proprietary Lugs, Magnesium DieCast Hoops supply plenty of attack, R-Class Throwoff works perfectly.  Gorgeous Mahogany finish looks great on both vintage and modern kits. EXCELLENT Condition.

This 6.5x14 sounds HUGE! The Diecast Magnesium Hoops kick it up several notches. And it remains very crisp and articulate and lower volumes! 

So do yourself a favor and grab this Unique Made in the USA BISON  6.5" X 14" All Maple NGU ROCK Snare Drum that is in a gorgeous Mahogany finish. ...and hang onto it.

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