Price: $414.99


Here's a Workhorse!! That would cost $900 new! And be worth every penny!! 

If you've ever been anywhere near the Los Angeles area and had a drum in your hand, then you know the name Chris Heuer.

I've met a lot of drum gurus in this business, but I gotta' say, Chris is the monk on the mountain guru when it comes to drums. This guy is the "Drum Whisperer." You can throw a home-run-derby of drum trivia curve balls at him, and he'll slug every question out of the park.

Wonder who does Vinnie's drums? Chris. Ringo's? Chris. Don't just take my word for it, you can check out this drum or contact him yourself, he's simply amazing.

And this particular Heuer Snare is DARK sounding for all maple!! It has the warmth of mple however the fundamental is lower and it has a glorious darkness to it! 

Also, this Walnut Finish is no regular drum finish!! It's in between high gloss and eggshell. He hand rubbed the finish for HOURS! You can tell too. I have never felt a drum so smooth! 

And that is exactly why I am proud to present and post for your pleasure, this gorgeous handcrafted EARLIER Chris Heuer 5.5" X 14" All Maple 10 Ply with 6 Ply Re-enforcement Rings Snare Drum with S-Hoops that is in a stunning HAND RUBBED NATURAL WALNUT Finish and is in AMAZING Condition. Check out the pictures. Killer!

Here are the specs:

Hand made 5.5" X 14" 10 Ply Maple shell with 6 Ply Re-enforcement Rings,  festooned with S-Hoops for solid rimshots and backbeats, 20 Offset Split Pearl Bridge lugs that let the darkness breath, Supersmooth Pearl Throwoff works perfectly and is one of my favorites becuse they're consistent, the interior of the shell is signed and dated by Chris Heuer (1-16-12), Stunning, hand rubbed Natural Walnut Finish accentuates the Maple Shell, FANTASTIC Condition! Looks amazing of BOTH modern and vintage kits.

Again, this particular Heuer Snare is FAT, WARM and DARK! The response is magnificent too!! This is one of the nicest sounding modern wood snare drums I've heard! Especilly if you dig the wamth of wood but still want a darker tone! 

You can use this beautiful 5.5" for whatever your heart's desire. The tuning range is wide and the tone is warm, rich and has a vintage vibe to it.

This is a WORKHORSE SNARE! Which comes as no surprise when you consider the line of business that Chris is in.

So do yourself a favor and grab this early, hand made Chris Heuer 5.5"x14" ALL MAPLE Snare Drum!


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