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CALL OR TEXT GERRY ANYTIME: (216) 577-7552 or

MATCHED Set of Zildjian K SWEET Cymbals 15” Hihats 20” Crash 23” Ride CLEAN

Original price $1,199.99 - Original price $1,199.99
Original price
$1,199.99 - $1,199.99
Current price $1,199.99
  • No more guessing at if your cymbals will match Up and sound good together. These DO! Have a listen!

  • The Good Lord would smite me right down if I were to break these up! They sound amazing ensemble.

  • Perfect for a studio or just keep them together in the bag by the door because they’re incredible on anything!

  • Hand selected, beautifully matched set of BIG Zildjian K SWEET Cymbals. Each one sounds magnificent but together they are magical.

  • Fantastic pitch separation between them.

  • All glowing warm and dark. Wide range of playability. Again, choice for a studio. They work well at all dynamic levels.

  • Here’s what’s included in this listing:

    • 15” Hihats 1077 & 1636 g (focused closed, dark warm and clean opened.)

    • 20” Crash 1748 g (thin, doubles as great Light Ride)

    • 23” Ride 2924 g (terrific bell but easily crashable on the edge.)

  • Extremely clean condition. No issues. Someone at Zildjian showed this group some love!

  • A great opportunity to get a killer sounding set for all occasions.