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CALL OR TEXT GERRY ANYTIME: (216) 577-7552 or

Unique Sabian COMBO AAX Freq HHX Evolution Hihats 14” 1046 1452 g Semi-Dry Darker

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$249.99 - $249.99
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  • I love mix and match hihats because you can borrow from different cymbal series to get a specific tone that is not offered.  

  • And you then have a unique tone! 

  • Such is the case with this pairing! No need to guess. Have a listen to these exact hihats! Articulate and crisp with a pre-eq-ed clean tone. 

  • Sabian AAX Freq HHX Evolution COMBO 14” Hihats in fantastic shape. 

  • Top Cymbal is the newer series Freq 14” Top while the Bottom Cymbal is an HHX Evolution Bottom. 

  • 1046 and 1452 grams give them that classic New Beat thinner Top over a heavier Bottom cymbal for a clean, crisp cutting CHICK tone. 
  • A perfect example of Sabian’s lifelong dedication to experimentation - take a look at the Brushed finish on the inside of this 14” Top cymbal! It’s dries out the wash beautifully and makes it particularly articulate without being overly clanky and heavy. 

  • The Raw bell and fully lathed outer 3.5” allow it to open up and breathe. But over all it has a great FAST and dry decay when opened. 

  • The Raw Bell provides a strong projection and ensures a great cut through the mix but without being heavy handed. 

  • Now add that Hand Hammered HHX Brilliant Finish Bottom hihat to the mix and you have a slightly warmer, shimmering  tone and exceptionally SOLID chick when played with your foot. 

  • The attack is fairly DRY and they’re a pinch semi-dark and have a terrific clean and crisp wash that is not overly complex nor muddy and it dissipates quickly. 

  • Open easily. Medium low in pitch. Slightly complex but with a clean finish that gets out of the way quickly.

  • They’re perfect for the studio and recording - they sound pre-eq-ed.  That’s the whole concept with the Frequency Hihats.  

  • Add the warmth of the famous HHX and you these gorgeous, unique 14s”. 

  • No issues.  Light use/patina.  They’re a lot of fun to play live and definitely are mic friendly. 

  • And you won’t find these anywhere.