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CALL OR TEXT GERRY ANYTIME: (216) 577-7552 or

SHIMMERING ISTANBUL Mehmet Black Bell Crash 18” 1389 g BRILLIANT

Original price $239.99 - Original price $239.99
Original price
$239.99 - $239.99
Current price $239.99
  • Here’s an hard to find SHIMMERING BRILLIANT Finish Istanbul Thin Crash 18” that has a rich fullness to it - like a Hand Hammered, darker A Custom but with a raw bell.  

  • Istanbul Mehmet Brilliant Black Bell 18” Crash in fantastic condition. 

  • Razor sharp edges on this one.  

  • Check out the super fine lathing on this beauty! And with a raw, unlathed “Black Bell” that gives it a bit more cutting attack. So shiny you can shave in it. 

  • It’s like an 80s Brilliant K or earlier A Custom but being actually Hand Hammered it’s even a bit more complex and full. 

  • Weighing in at wonderfully thin 1389 grams, this 18" plays like a Thin to Medium Thin Full Dark Crash. 

  • What I really dig about this 18” is that it it has a rich warmth to it but also has a gorgeous SHIMMER that cuts through magnificently. 

  • As many of you may know the Raw Bell gives this 18" a pinch more projection than an 18" with a fully lathed bell. And that is noticeable in this particular Black Bell. But at only 1389 grams it doesn’t clank. It still has slightly bendable edges. 

  • Dark. Medium to medium low in pitch. Very even and balanced. Clean shimmering wash that percolates but remains controlled with a light touch. FULL CRASH when laid into. Subtle Hand Hammered complexity. Incredibly musical.

  • If you have a light touch you can use this 18" as a Light Left Side Crash Ride too. It is more controlled than some of the super complex sounding Istanbuls.

  • No issues. Light patina. Great shape! 

  •  A very hard cymbal to find. Have a listen do you can buy with confidence.