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CALL OR TEXT GERRY ANYTIME: (216) 577-7552 or

Dark Meinl BYZANCE Medium Thin Crash 19” 1631 g PERFECT

Original price $299.99 - Original price $299.99
Original price
$299.99 - $299.99
Current price $299.99
  • Meinl has made a cannonball-ed-sized splash in the cymbal world with their Byzance Series - game one listen to this beauty and you’ll understand why! 

  • Still there’s no need to pay over $400 for a guess at what your next cymbal sounds like! 

  • Have a listen to this exact cymbal so

  • You can buy with confidence. 

  • Top of the Line Meinl BYZANCE Medium Thin Crash 19” in magnificent condition! 

  • Weighing in at an even 1631 grams, this 19” supplies the perfect balance between dark, complex and responsive and with a strong cutting projection.  

  • It has enough weight to cut a mix but still remains dark and smooth.  

  • Meinl describes this Medium Thin Crash as:
     Washy and fairly dark sound with a full frequency spectrum. Loud attack with moderate sustain”

  • There you have it!!!  

  • Dark. Wonderfully complex but anchored in the medium low pitched frequencies. Responsive but still full enough to project when you really lay into the edge.

  • Being the larger 19” it can easily be used as a small Light Ride.

  • Amazing  condition. No issues. 

  • And not $410 for a guess!