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CALL OR TEXT GERRY ANYTIME: (216) 577-7552 or


Original price $299.99 - Original price $299.99
Original price
$299.99 - $299.99
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  • Like K/Zs …. But this pair seems to have an ounce of PAISTE in them!!  And they’re 14s”. 

  • They’re CRISP, clean sounding, and have a pinch of darkness in there!  But they also have a bit of bright cut with that gorgeous raw bell on top! 

  • These hihats would run you $540 new today - BUT….you can’t even get them anymore!   I know, I know!  It’s crazy! These are flagship Sabian HHX 14s” but they were pretty hard to find even when you could get them. 

  • Top of the Line Sabian HHX Hand Hammered 14”FUSION Hihats in fantastic condition.  

  • Thinner Top makes this pair a bit darker and responsive. Classic HHX lathed warm tone on that Top Cymbal too. 

  • These Fusion Hats were Sabian’s version of the famous Zildjian K/Z Combo Hihats that a young drummer on the scene was fond of when they debuted- Dave Weckl…

  • ….And then of course he moved to Sabian.

  • If you look closely the Top Cymbal has the classic HHX raw bell, fully lathed plain, large HHX style Hammering that differentiated Sabian from Zildjians.

  • And what I love is the Bottom Cymbal is UNLATHED raw - like a LEOPARD Ride. That’s the look and feel. Monster CHICK tone.

  • Wonderfully balanced weights at 1030 and 1780 grams gives these HHX Fusions a tremendous sounding K/Z style bone-crunching CHICK when played with your foot.

  • And the actual HHX craftsmanship gives this particular pair a pinch of darkness and warmth. Couple that with the larger 14” size, and you have a FAT, CRISP CUT that penetrates a mix live and in the studio.  

  • Sabian Factory Quick Beat Style holes on the bottom cymbal for FAST anti-airlock CHICK with your foot.

  • ULTRA CRISP. Tight. Very articulate stick attack that is responsive and fast! Subtle Hand Hammered warmth with a bit of darkness. Tremendous CHICK.

  • They capture a clean SOUND! One of the cleanest you will hear - but there is still a bit of darkness mixed in! 

  • Great for medium soft to very loud settings. Anytime you need a clean cut.

  • No issues. Overall clean with a subtle, light patina.

  • Pretty hard to find these days, especially where you can hear them. Buy with confidence. 

  • Rare and fantastic sounding CRISP hihats.